Sunday, July 8, 2012

Obama: he has a great future and he always will.

I know that when Charles de Gaulle said it he was speaking of Brazil, butt his observation actually applies better to its neighbor now: “Argentina has a great future and it always will have.”

free beer

Argentina, as you may or may not recall, has only recently recovered from a crippling default on its bonds which left investment in the country virtually nil for over a decade and development levels slightly below that level. Adding to the misery index was another round of hyperinflation. Now they seem inclined to head back in that direction for some reason.

It’s not important how they got into that mess – well, actually it is: “years of lavish public spending and reckless borrowing” caused a decrease in real GDP which lead to high unemployment, (calculated at 18% ,though official figures claimed just 5%) resulting in considerably lower levels of tax revenue. That sounds vaguely familiar.

Anyway, they clawed their way back by bravely adopting a few free market rules before changing their minds and crawling back to the fascist ways that have always worked so well for them in the past, as Doug Ross explains.

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So I guess whether you have a good idea or not, you can keep running it up the flag pole till that pig learns to fly.

socialst_anti_socialistButt some pigs learn to fly easier than others

Big Guy ascribes to this premise too: having the pigs bend to your will, that is. So if that dawg won’t hunt, take another big old bite out of it!

bo weiner dog copy

Sooner or later, socialism becomes not only digestible, butt downright tasty!


So advancing the back-to-the-future mentality of socialist South America, Argentinian Perónista Presidente Cristina Fernendez continues along its path. She nationalized YPF, Argentina’s largest oil company earlier this year and has now ordered private banks to lend companies 15 billion pesos by the end of the year at rates well below private inflation estimates. This will, or so the thinking goes in Central Planning, shore up business and increase production.

BTW, in order to exercise this fiat, Central Planning of Argentina announced last Spring a change in the Central Bank charter which allows el Presidente to set the lending rates. See? How hard is this ruling against the will of the people crap? Not so much.

And surely Big Guy can muster more power than an Argentinian woman. Maybe he can just use his Executive Privileges to issue some more of those Executive Orders to clean up this economic mess that Bush stuck us with. After all, this is an emergency, BO could lose.

bo breaking a sweat at the roulette tableWhich is why we’re doubling down on our bet against America

Butt back to Argentina: Reuters notes that “The move... marks an escalation in [President Christina Fernandez] war on private enterprise which may spread further…and it would absolutely not surprise us if this is precisely where the US is heading as command economies become the new normal globally.”


So I guess the only answer is for Big Guy to raise more money. To fight the rich. Or something.

So people, the decision couldn’t be more critical. It’s time to pick your favorite Perónista to lead America through the shoals.

evaThe original Perónista, no longer available for benign dictator role


Clearly, Big Guy is still the leading contender for the job:


bo doubling down

Unless he’s taken out by the enthusiasm gap – his:

uofm bo college afordability

not the crowd’s:


So just in case BO decides to throw in the towel,

bo goinestop bothering me

“I just want to eat my waffle.”

We have to have our backup Perónistas standing by.

Lady M is, of course, a contender:

 pink_white_red_and_pleated[2]Wisconsin Senatearticle-2099033-11A8AAAE000005DC-445_634x495mo arms

As is Joey:

joey the beeNo enthusiasm gap here

Butt let’s face it: we already have a natural in the wings who has clearly demonstrated all of the prerequisites for the job:

Hillary.don't cry for meDon’t Cry for me Afghanistan, the truth is, I was never really with you anyway. Nor was my boss.


bo goodbyeGoodbye. And good riddance. Afghanistan, I mean.

Don’t cry for Barack, Ameritina; the truth is he never loved you.


Screenshot Studio capture #605Don’t Cry For Me Argentina by Andrew Lloyd Webber

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit thinks the “good riddance” meme might have legs

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