Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recruiting in the belly of the beast


“It would be nice if we had a candidate for president who was committed to America.”  Debbie Wasserman Schultz

The good news: she wasn’t talking about Big Guy.

obama-not-saluting-the-american-flagIs being committed to transforming America the same as being committed to America?

Debbie was referring to Romney of course; here’s her comment, in context:

It would be nice if we had a candidate for president who was committed to America. Mitt Romney is committed to making sure that either he makes the most money as humanly possible, or his investors do.

Regardless of whether that’s true or not, and whether Sargent Schultz can prove it, or not, I just have one question: since when did it become un-American to make money? For either  yourself or your company? Because I always thought capitalism (which as far as I know still involves making money) was as American as apple pie and ice cream.

bo ice cream shovel readyBO attacks a shovel-ready project on the Iowa campaign trail

Because I remember when making money was more American than taking money. Did I miss something important? Maybe they’ve changed the rules. Like they have for EBT/SNAP/Food Stamps?

110828-ebt-liquorLiquor, KFC, Jack in the Box? I wonder if Lady M knows about this?

I guess there aren’t any rules any more about what you can spend your taxpayer funded EBT (electronic benefits transfer) on. Because restrictions like that would be un-American, or something. You’re free to buy healthy foods like lobster (because rich people get to eat lobster so you should too) if you want, butt if you just want to “fill your kids bellies” you’re free to buy them sodas because that’s your right as an American. No matter what Nanny Bloomberg says. And there’s nothing else cheap available in America these days to “fill their bellies” with. Or something.

Well here, allow Rosa DeLauro, food stamp advocate, to explain all this. Whatever you do, do not skip this video! It explains everything you need to know about what Big Guy’s party has done for America.

In which we explore the belly of the Progressive beast

Speaking of Lady M, I promised an update on our trip to Florida. It was hot, and so was she.

      earth dress moearth day dress mo butt

Both coming and going

You might notice that she’s wearing her post-modern green and blue globe dress designed as a commentary on global warming. We last saw this frock on the set of Extreme Home Makeover last summer in North Carolina where it was also very, very hot:

     fayetteville N.C.fnc

…and so was the weather.

Maybe we should have laundered it right after the show, because it looks to me like there’s more green in it now than there was when we “bought” it.

Anyway, yesterday was all about lining up new recruits to take our war Betting on America Tour to the battleground states.

mo global warming dressReady to Launch

Mo's toned armsFive words: “Four More Years” (to ruin)

We dropped by a couple of schools in order to target the youth who proved themselves to be such useful little pawns in our last big election. As usual, Republicans tried to make Lady M’s inspirational words all about them (h/t Fausta) claiming that it was inappropriate to come to a public school for “the sole purpose of advancing the interests of a political campaign.”

Or as Miami-Dade School Board member Renier Diaz de la Portilla (another white Hispanic?)put it:

“The use of public schools whose only focus should be to educate our children for political gain is downright wrong. Don’t these liberals have boundaries? Our schools are places for learning, not places for politicking.”

Not to nit pick; and while the first sentence in that quote is factually correct as it stands, I might have written it “The only focus of public schools should be to educate our children, and to use them for political gain is downright wrong.” At least I think that’s what Diaz de la Portilla meant. Butt like I said, it works the other way too.

Anyway MO ran some drills with the new recruits in the morning, demonstrating proper blocking techniques to prevent undocumented Democrats (i.e. Republicans) from getting to the voting booths.

how to keep rwords from votingWhoops! Who let all those unauthorized butt-shots slip through!

Meanwhile, BO was in Iowa busy recruiting one of our other most reliable special interest groups for the campaign:

bo lgbtOMG! You’re so awesome man!!

Although, seriously, I think we’ve pretty much got a lock on the votes of people who find BO “awesomely phenomenal.” 

Coming soon: a tutorial on how to use your EBT card to make easy, multiple contributions to the the Obama; Betting America Again, fund.

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