Monday, July 16, 2012

No Apologies, Not Sorry: The New Obama WTF Story

After years of apologizing to everyone for everything we finally ran across something BO is not willing to apologize for: calling Mitt Romney a felon.

“No, we will not apologize,” Obama told WAVY-TV of Portsmouth, Va., vowing to continue attacking Romney on his private equity record.

The specific allegation has something to do with the fact that Romney was off saving the 2002 Olympics from financial scandal and ruin while he was still officially the CEO of Bain Capital. You remember Bain Capital: the evil vulture capitalist company Mitt founded that raised money to try to save troubled companies from bankruptcy? Just like Big Guy tried to do with GM and Solyndra, only Obama used your money.

Solyndra-auction2And Bain’s success rate was better

Gee, as I understand it, Mitt just took a leave of absence - to do a little community service.  I thought Big Guy approved of that sort of thing.

obama-hanging-curtainsBO, hanging curtains on our “National Day of Service”  aka “9/11”

You’d think BO would understand leaves of absence; you know, to pad your resume a little in case you decide to run for public office?

obamacommunity organizer-35576778005“Community Organizer” – a job to fill out your resume where it would otherwise be empty

Anyway, all these sordid facts led Stephanie Cutter to the conclusion that Romney is a felon. And she thinks – along with Rhambo and Big Guy himself – that Mitt should just stop whining about the fact that Obama 2012 has accused him of being a felon.

Stop whining? I really don’t really think Big Guy wants to go there. After he’s spent so much time whining about Fox News,


being “out spent” in the campaign,

bo outspent

and Lady M being “dragged into politics” (!?!).

mo p-sack-race[16]Despite struggling valiantly to escape, MO got dragged into politics, kicking and careening.

Butt NO! BO will not apologize!

Mr. Romney claims he’s Mr. Fix-It for the economy because of his business experience, so I think voters entirely legitimately want to know what is exactly his business experience.

I’m not perfectly clear on all the nuances in Obama 2012’s allegations, butt you’re all smart; you can judge the Pinocchio ratings for yourself.

for finnochios Pinochio1

I think I’d just drop it if I were Big Guy, before some smart-aleck on Romney’s team decides to counter-attack and ask BO about his suspicious – some say fraudulently obtained - Social Security number. Because I’m pretty sure that would be a felony too. Maybe Sheriff Arpaio will have more information for us tomorrow that the OMG (Obama Media Group) will ignore.

And while I’m giving Big Guy advice, I think I’d stand clear of that outsourcing allegation against Romney too, as a lot of our “green energy dollars” went to companies who immediately sent it off shore. Also because everyone knows that a lot of that outsourcing would disappear in a nano-second with the implementation of tariffs, quotas and enforcement of anti-dumping laws and other unfair trade practices – normally all things that liberals love.

no dumpingheader_anti-dumping

I can understand why Big Guy would rather talk about Mr. Fix-it’s record than his own. Butt I’m afraid that if Big Guy insists on calling Mitt “Mr. Fix-it” Mitt’s going to insist on calling BO “Mr. HOPE and CHANGE.” And that doesn’t work so well anymore.  Hope? Nope. Not so much, 23 million people are out of work, some so hopeless they’ve stopped looking  altogether. Change? We assumed he meant for the better, butt since median income has dropped 10% in the last 4 years, some critics are wondering...maybe “Mr. Break-it” would fit better because Big Guy sure has made most Americans broke.

So, I guess we’re testing another new campaign slogan this week: “No Apologies” – It’s like “No Excuses” only with excuses and no apologies. Don’t like the sucky economy? It’s George W. Bush’s fault and I’m not sorry. Can’t find a job? Not sorry, it’s Bush’s fault. Gas prices doubled? Bush again, and I’m really not sorry about that, “butt you’ll be sorry if you don’t give me at least 4 more years.”

I think you get the point. We’re trying it out today as this week’s “No Apologies” tour hits the road for battleground state Ohio.

Lady M unofficially kicked it off yesterday at a fund raiser in New York (no battle there).


She was dragged into the political fundraiser before taking the Wee Wons to see the new Spiderman movie and hitting Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill joint for a healthy T-Bone snack (h/t: Marty Davis aka Chickaboomer):

mo girls pizza

Of course, we had to be inconvenienced by an idiot making another stupid bomb threat. The heat is starting to get to everyone, it’s just been one meltdown after another around here. Fall can’t get here soon enough.

 mo fresh hellWhat fresh hell is this?

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