Monday, July 30, 2012

What to do if your Hoover’s sucking air.

I see that you’ve all shared your favorite pictures of Lady M enjoying the Olympics: allow me to repost a few that garnered the most votes.

First from the “Are we having fun yet” collection:

            mo are we having fun yet4mo are we having fun yet3

            mo are we having fun yetmo are we having fun yet2

Next, the “Funny Face” collection:

            mo at tennis matchmo tongue tied

“Girls just wanna have fun” collection:

              FMSmo kobe

The “76 Trombones” collection:

mo's 76 trombones


“Action Jackson” collection

           mo tennis2mo tuggin'

“Gays and straights” –  Olympic collection

mo square pants

And of course, the always popular “gratuitous butt shots” collection:

   mo's buttMLKmo butt what's up with this

H/T and thanks to everyone who contributed your personal favorite.

I’m not providing much additional commentary today, as I used up my daily word allotment on a guest post about chickens over on Dewey from Detroit: Foxes Guarding the Chicken Coop. And if you do scoot over to read it, please give the new comment system a try and let me know what you think; it’s the Disqus system that I’ll be installing here soon.

Butt in parting, allow me to share a rare shot of one of the Resistance Riders caught in transit by one of our very own MOL’s, Krista, on her way to work (I did obscure the license plate to protect the guilty from the hooligans over at Kos and the Democratic Underground).

KRISTA PIC-DIRTBAG-obscured copyMOTUS’ tip of the day: If your Hoover’s just sucking air, time to change the dirt bag.

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