Saturday, August 4, 2012

It’s Half Time in America: Are You Feeling Lucky?

It’s half time in America, people.

And things aren’t looking so good.

unemployment economyH/T Brietbart

Our quarterback has had a rough first half.


And the coaches have gotten together and they think it might be time to pull him.

120801-ctrl-alt-delete-obama.DRH/T Doug Ross

Too much pressure for a rookie. The coaches, just like the fans who got whipped into a frenzy at the notion of WINNING!,

        eat the richClassWar

failed to notice that the QB had never played in a Super Bowl before. And although he had been in the minor league for awhile, he had never actually played quarterback for anyone!

barack-obama-football-afplivetwo630137-us-elections-obamaLookin’ good though! And nice creases. (h/t David Brooks)

Butt since he looked like he could fill the role:

forward pass

I guess no one looked at his background too closely. As it turns out, even George Plimpton had more experience as QB than our guy did:

Paper-LionOddly enough, they both wore the same number on their jersey

So this may be a good time to ask yourself: Are you feeling lucky?

Well, are you, punk?

barack-Obama_football01Honestly, you look a bit more cocky than lucky now.

Let’s just speak honestly about your first half performance: It’s not so much that you didn’t lived up to your potential.


It’s that you exceeded it.


And even at that, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t do that. Somebody else did that for you.

soros secret handshake

So, even though I can understand your feelings on a halftime changeup:

“I gotta tell you, I don’t like the idea of a quarterback controversy at the start of a season,”

Your stats for the first half just aren’t that impressive and even your most rabid fans are beginning to take note.

So here’s what I’m thinking; why don’t you just grab a dog (hotdog) and go sit with the other cheerleaders on the sideline and watch us run up the score?

hot dogbo2

Because when the guy with the fistful of dollars says "I think the country needs a boost," I’m inclined to listen.


Besides, it’s hard to move


when you’re always headed towards the other team’s goal post.

So I’m with Dirty Harry on this one; let’s give the country a little boost and take a chance on someone who’s at least been in the game before. Someone who actually likes the team he’s playing for and still believes we can win this thing.


So what do you say? If we promise to put you in the Hall of Fame as soon as you leave, do we have a deal? Or are you still feeling lucky, punk?

Obamaheisman trophy%202008-3


brewviews_suddenimpact_wideaI’m Dirty Harry and I approved this message

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