Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Blues

Big family doins’ today, so I’ve only got a minute. No, not First Family doins’, that was yesterday. I’m talking Mirror family.

Butt speaking of FF doins’ yesterday, I don’t know for sure what happened to the “celebrate Big Guy’s 51st birthday with him and Lady M at their lovely Chicago home (that they didn’t buy themselves).” I’m guessing, and Little Mo has confirmed, that it was cancelled due to lack of interest. Or more to the point, lack of funds. Nobody donated only $3 or more for a chance to WIN! and dine with the WON and ONLY. Sheesh! What’s up with that? I mean, we were even throwing in a round trip, economy coach ticket from any one of our contiguous 55 states. I think it had to do with the tone of the email that Big Guy sent out; it pretty much acknowledged that this would be his last birthday as our Dear Leader.  Kind of a buzz-kill for the whole deal. We better develop a new pitch to hawk snacks with Big Guy and Lady M because I understand we REALLY need the cash!

Anyway, back to the birthday celebration: BO did get a nice cake from the Republican National Committee:



The actual birthday was quite low key; no Marilyn Monroe or Ricky Martin crooning “Happy Birthday.” No Choomwagon reunion. Butt Big Guy did get to play his 104th round of golf at the Andrews AFB so that was fun. He didn’t play with any of our military guys this time, despite the obvious photo-op rich re-election year opportunity. Apparently they were all busy doing something - in Ohio of all places!


Any-whoo, I’ve really got to run. I’m in charge of the Maurice salad and door prizes and I don’t have my gherkins yet. Or my door prizes. So  I will leave you with this interesting Wikipedia entry found by last night by Gerard and posted on his American Digest:



My lawyer (also Little Mo) advises me to advise you that the above is yet another example of exactly why you can’t always trust all of the information contained in Wikipedia. That is some kind of disambiguation! Butt it sure looks like Harry’s hiding something.

I’ve really got to go now. So, carry on. Lady M would want you to.


I said: “Show me the money!”

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