Monday, August 6, 2012

Gotta Nuke Sumthin’!

August is just jam-packed with important birthdays, starting with Big Guy’s of course. I guess we’ll be celebrating as a family later this month, butt on the actual birthday BO decided to play a round of golf and then go to Camp David with his new best friend Chef Sammy Kass (one of the sexiest men in Washington D.C.!).


Don’t feel bad that Lady M and the girls couldn’t make it. As usual, MO tweeted their good wishes.  I don’t know why we’re recycling old photos again though. Probably because they are “adorable.”

birthday tweet

August, strangely enough, is the birth month of many other important leftists too:  Martin Sheen, Martha Stewart, Garrison Keillor, Fidel Castro, Ben Affleck, David Cosby, Sean Penn, Madonna, (no wonder their marriage wasn’t forever – they’re both Leos!) Robert DeNiro and Bill Clinton. Awesome!

Butt did you know that August also marks the anniversary of several important historic events in U.S. military history:

200 years ago (19 Aug 1812)War of 1812: the U.S. Navy frigate ‘USS Constitution’ defeated the British frigate ‘HMS Guerriere’ off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada; earning the nickname ‘Old Ironsides.’

150 years ago (28 Aug 1862 to 30th) American Civil War – the Second Battle of Bull Run, Virginia. Confederate victory

70 years ago (7 Aug 1942) World War II: the Battle of Guadalcanal began – the Allies’ first major offensive in the Pacific. (Ended February 1943)

67 years ago (6 Aug 1945) The U.S. drops the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, effectively ending World War II.

little boy goes boom“Little Boy” goes boom August 6, 1945; thus effectively ending WWII

Each year in honor of this event, the anti-nuclear tribe gathers in Los Alamos, New Mexico - home of the uber-secret Los Alamos National Laboratory and birthplace of the hated atomic bomb. They come each year to point out the horror of  nuclear holocaust (duh - “holocaust” kind of says it all, no?), deny man’s base nature, and demand the utopian goal of world peace. The demonstration has stretched from a one day sit-in to a week long festival of sorts with singing;

tibetan conch pressed into serviceTibetan conch blowing



and  art shows.

coloring for peace“Coloring for peace” – that should do it.

I say “festival” because it reminds me of a Halloween party:

bulgaria-anti-nuclear-protest-2011-4-16-9-50-52Nuclear Face paint: Check…iPod: Check!

Militants antinuclŽaires manifestant ˆ l'occasion de la JournŽe internationale de mobilisation contre le nuclŽaire marquant le 22e anniversaire de la catastrophe de Tchernobyl. Un des rassemblements les plus importants ont eu lieu ˆ Flamanville (Manche) o prs de 150 personnes, selon les gendarmes, ont manifestŽ contre la centrale nuclŽaire et le futur rŽacteur nouvelle gŽnŽration EPR.Modeling the Hijab of the future

article-1366308-0B2DACB500000578-653_964x617Hey, I saw those guys at the Día de los Muertos party last year!

Its sort of like the Occupiers, only without the violence.

owies in oakland

If it’s too hot in Los Alamos for you, Mother Jones has provided a handy interactive map of nuclear facilities across the US where you could go to express your gratitude to the great scientists of America protest. Butt I don’t think you can get to most of them from from the left coast without several overnight re-charges of your Volt.

Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy Sites in the U.S.
Nuke Facilities in the United States

Click for interactive map.

At first, I was confused, because one of the big sponsors of this Occupation shindig is Nuke Free Now, which I foolishly thought was a plan to provide nuclear power for free (You remember the industry slogan back before the regulators took over: “Nuclear energy, to cheap to meter.” Just pay separate processing and handling).

Butt if you’re not there already, you’ve already missed most of the fun stuff anyway:

Make Art, Not War Exhibit and Sale at the El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe featuring:

  • Mayumi Nishida – “Nuclear Windows” Kiln formed glass $800
  • Dennis Larkins – “Field Trip to the Forbidden Zone” Hand embellished giclee on canvas, $750
  • Laura Rosenfeld, “Panic Button”, Oil on canvas
  • Lori Leslie, “Mother of all Bombs (MOAB)” Oil/acrylic on panel$500
  • and many, many more.

Nuke Free Now Conference and Film Festival at CCA (Center for Contemporary Arts). A full day of panels, speakers, and films at CCA to inform our community about the many important issues surrounding nuclear weapons and nuclear energy, including topics such as:

  • “Nuclear Weapons 101: Follow the money, not the rhetoric” – which Raj says sounds a lot easier than the college course he remembers that had a lot more math.

Butt don’t worry if you missed all that, there’s still a jam packed schedule of fun and civil disobedience planned for today!


Even if nukes aren’t you thang, there’s many more things to protest including, Toxic Earth, Corporate Greed (Big Guy’s personal fav), and Lost Expertise (?).

I dunno though, I’m with Nelson: everybody’s gotta nuke something:

Even Dewey agrees:


!YA BASTA! (enough is enough)!

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