Friday, August 10, 2012

Hi Bob! Hi Joe!

Is it just me or is Joe Soptic a dead ringer for Bob Newhart?


A real live, separated-at-birth twin of the famous stoic comedian?

soptic-in-obama-adnewhart bob

And if that’s the case, why isn’t he funny? Like his brother Bob?

funny bob

I leave it to the pundits to determine the veracity of Joe Soptic’s claim that Mitt Romney killed his (first) wife by heartlessly offering him a buy out from his job as a steelworker – that he refused – before closing the steel mill that Bain bought in 1993 and operated for 8 years before it succumbed to the harsh economic realities of high labor costs (not helped by the 10 week union strike in 1997) making them uncompetitive against cheap Chinese steel that continues to this day to be dumped in America.

Likewise, I’ll let the business analysts point out that operating at a loss is generally not a sustainable business model (unless you get government subsidies, in which case all bets are off).

a123-logo-white-bkgd-176x180Subsidized, and sold to the highest bidder (China) at a loss

Nor is it my place to point out that if you’re sick in America, whether you have health insurance or not, you can still get health care – just ask any illegal alien living in the shadows. In addition to Medicaid, Medicare and just showing up at any emergency room, there’s still that old fashioned concept of pay-as-you-go. Sure, you may end up deep in debt; that’s the risk you run when you chose not to buy the health insurance your new employer offered. Butt it’s not as if Americans are averse to burying themselves under debt, look who we elected Prezzy. Heck back in the 2000’s when Joe’s plant closed, you could even buy a house without a job! (Thank you Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) Student’s could - and still can – borrow $100 thousand+ without a job or any HOPE of finding one!

And I guess I needn’t point out that’s all irrelevant anyway since CNN “reported” that the late Mrs. Soptic the 1st had her own health care insurance from her own employer after Mitt fired Joe. She still lost the insurance that Joe got from the steel mill, right? So isn’t that the point? Once again, we have to ask, just who’s side is CNN on anyway?

Butt like I said, none of that is my business. I’m just wondering why Joe can’t be a little more stoic about life, you know, like his famous twin brother?


For example, when CBS pulled the plug on Bob’s gig as a clinical psychologist after only 6 years – not even long enough to pay back his student loans – did he whine about it to everybody? 

l_da3050f22949ccaa7133b141390a1e43The Bob Newhart Show gang, before the boom was lowered

Did he blame the CBS brass for killing his ratings? No, he took a temporary job before he could get back on his feet.

newhart elf

Then he found a new wife and moved to Vermont to open a B&B and write how-to books. Say, that’s not a bad idea! Maybe I should write a “how to trans-image” book for political wannabees.

political-humorMy target audience

After the initial adjustment, Bob transitioned quite readily to life in the north woods.

newhart-cast_400 New life at the Stratford Inn

That’s the good old can-do, get on with it, American spirit we’re looking for here, Joe.  Why can’t you be more like your brother Bob, or your brother Darryl or even your other brother Darryl, and get on with your life without finding someone you dislike to blame it on? 

Oh wait…I take that back, it looks like genes will out. Following Bob’s lead, after a 30  year career as a steelworker Joe did move on!  He remarried shortly after Mrs. Soptic the first passed, and found a new gig as a political spokes-mouth attack dog for the DNC. The pay’s not that good butt the bennies are great! That’s a real Chicago style recovery. Good on ‘ya Joe-baby. You’ve got a great political career ahead of you – maybe even heading up a phone bank for the DNC.

bob newhart1I hear there’s an opening in the “Dirty Tricks Hot Line” office

The moral of the story is “life goes on.” So while Lady M is doing her best to bring back the magic by recycling the fashion forward dress she first worn on The View in 2008 – back when HOPE was still alive and CHANGE was only a vague threat:

Michelle Obama The View

Somehow things seem a little more intense this time.


mo pa it takes one effortmo science philadelphiamo u of the Sciences Philadelphiamo moravian college PA

We’re going to go full Chicago this time: you bring the long knives, and Lady M will bring her guns.


So look Joe, I know it was tough leaving the good life and good times at the steel mill behind:

By all means, continue your monthly breakfast with the boys. Butt let’s give up all that singing and dancing, okay? It really isn’t good image. And now that you have your political future to consider, you really have to think about that.

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