Thursday, August 9, 2012

Corporate Wives: Doing their Fair Share in order to get a Fair Shot

I have to make it quick today – I have an appointment over at Langley to re-qualify for my concealed carry permit and Super-Secret Service Double-Agent badge.

I leave you to contemplate this blockbuster revelation from Big Guy: Lady M is not getting compensated fairly for her many First Lady responsibilities! I guess it’s part of the Republicans’ War on Women.

"...I wanna make sure that when she's working she is getting paid the same as men, I gotta say that First Ladies right now don't, even though that's a tough job!"

No kidding: being First Lady is waaay tougher than that job as VP of Community Relations at the University of Chicago. And Lady M made $317,000 (plus perks) for her services there, after Senator Big Guy got UC a $1 million earmark. 

Don’t tell anyone, butt I’m afraid this is indicative of how little BO actually knows about how private industry works; and how could he since he’s dedicated his life to public service rather than corporate greed. So he has no idea that, as unfair as it is, and as indispensible as they are, the corporate wife gig never involves a paycheck. Even if she is a well paid professional in her own right, as many are these days, she still doesn’t get paid for all of the additional corporate wife responsibilities that come with her husband’s job.

And make no mistake, these duties are wide ranging and time consuming.

Being a corporate “wife” (aka partner/spouse/companion if we don’t wish to be sexist in addition to unfair) includes everything from volunteer work at local charities,

michelle-obama-at-soup-kitchenmo dc central kit

to co-hosting corporate conferences,

dancing withthefrogs

socializing with clients,


being charming to people you barely know and have little in common with,

mo front and center

Interacting with global partners,


posing for publicity shots,


and ensuring the CEO is properly groomed at all times.

nit pickersobamas-michelle-lint

A corporate wife’s job is never done.

vee vant to pump you up

And never compensated.

mos sack of stuff

At least not directly.


Well, I really must run now.

Butt since I’m getting my concealed carry permit renewed, I leave you with this question: could this video expose the real reason Lady M wears boob belts? Because while she may not be getting paid, I’m pretty sure she’s still packin’.

H/T Instapundit

Carrying concealed in a dress with a boob belt?

Note: this next option does NOT require a boob belt, butt it does require Boobs!

  H/T American Digest                                                   (Caution: Crappy Audio)


Anyway, wish me luck. I’ll report back tomorrow.

MOTUS-super-secret service copy


Super-Secret Service Double-Agent MOTUS

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