Saturday, August 18, 2012

Have you seen the latest unemployment numbers? That’s hilarious!

Uh oh! Did you see this? Russia convicted the Pussy Cat Riot and put them in jail for 2 years!


Just for making fun of President Putin!  I knew this sort of hooliganism could be a career-buster, butt I swear - I did not know it was illegal! Maybe you can only make fun of Republicans.

I guess it’s just one more reminder that we live in dangerous times. I think I’ll check in with Raj this afternoon and do our monthly firewall test a few weeks early; just to make sure everything is still all shored up. Not that I’m worried about making fun of our president. He’s got a great sense of humor, and it’s still legal here, right?

Besides, I don’t really make fun of Big Guy. I don’t have to.

bo pitchI just report.


You deride.

Obama-Disney-Hand-1-19-12A message from Obama headquarters

And as everybody knows, there’s really nothing to make fun of when it comes to our first postmodern, post racial, post partisan el presidente.

Meanwhile, did you see the latest unemployment numbers?

“the private sector is doing fine”

"we tried our plan -- and it worked."

Now THAT’S hilarious!

Unemployment rises in 44 of the 57 states. Up to 12% in Nevada. 9% in Michigan (where Big Guy saved the auto industry – otherwise Michigan might have beaten Nevada, where Big Guy told people not to go to waste their money. And apparently it IS working, because yesterday I saw Morgan-Stanley/Smith Barney holding their summer conference at a local Coney Island.).

Well, I’ve got to run now. I’ve got to pick the August harvest from Lady M’s organic Garden of Good and Evil; which is to say, I’ve got to go to the farmer’s market to buy some reasonable facsimiles for a photo op.

Tomorrow I’ll provide analysis of Lady M’s recently discovered Harvard essay in support of the anti-meritocracy. It’s a good one!

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