Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reporting from the hive, or, “Did you hear what Romney said?”

Sometimes, when you get away, your head clears and you see things more clearly.

Step away from your computer. Do it now!

Take media bias for example. For years, due to my original programming, I’ve labored under the illusion that “reporters” wish to shine the light of truth on issues and positions that those in power might otherwise use as  propaganda for their own agenda. Butt today, motoring through the beautiful Berkshires I had one of those “ah-ha!” moments of searing insight.Light bulb

“Reporters” are the propagandists! Not just that, the “fourth estate” has been annexed and is now a member in good standing of the “power” class  they’ve always admired – the Elitist-Intellectuals. Together, as a hive they are running our government, schools, media, culture…our lives. In fact, journ-O-lists might be amongst the MOST powerful of our powerful class of betters. 

cola  banNo, I’ll tell you what size you want.

In case you somehow managed to miss the exchange between journ-O-lists discussing what approach they would use to skewer Romney for unfairly accusing BO of apologizing for allowing his people to exercise freedom of speech, it was a doozey! 

In the event, six out of the seven questions were almost exactly the same, all questioning Romney for his supposed mistake…

…The nation is in the midst of a profound national security and foreign policy crisis, and the American people deserve to know why their government was asleep at the switch–as well as what the position of the political opposition is. Yet the mainstream media is trying to quash that critical discussion and debate.

After consulting with each other they all decided on how best to pose the one burning question of the day: “Mr. Romney, what do you feel is more detrimental to US security interests, your dangerous positions on the Middle East or Paul Ryan’s dangerous positions?” They also prepared a backup question in case he stuck around after answering that one a dozen times. “How is the biased position of Fox News detrimental to the national security interests of the United States?”

bee hiveResistance is futile: be the bee

Anyway, in retrospect it’s surprising that such blatant coordination by the MSM cabal hasn’t been caught on tape before. Well, anywhere other than on Rush Limbaugh’s media montages I mean. In any other line of business this would be called collusion. It’s illegal and the Trust Department would have broken them up and thrown somebody in jail by now.

Anyway, I’m guessing Hillary “I am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you're not patriotic” Clinton didn’t approve of Mr. Romney’s statement either.

I guess she’s seen the light and has converted to the superior doctrine of group think.

Boy, it sure does look like it’s taken it’s toll though.



Butt here’s today’s take-away: ‘Tis a shame when those who have been entrusted to inform and instruct disembark and join the disinformation camp.

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