Wednesday, September 12, 2012

They’ve seized our Embassy! No wait, wasn’t that in 1979?

What’s going on around here? There’s an angry mob of red shirts marching in Chicago.


Angry mobs in Cairo and Benghazi are storming our embassies, ripping our flag down, and now they’ve killed our Libyan Ambassador and 3 of his staff?! These are acts of war and WE issued an apology? For exercising freedom of speech?

"The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims - as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions,"

The day after 9-11? This cannot be happening. Again.

Oh wait! Maybe it isn’t happening; at least the apology part. According to “official” sources, that statement was not approved by “Washington” - whoever that is. Maybe it was “Washington” who was also responsible for that mis-misunderstanding about BHO not having time to meet with Bibi. Since “Washington” also denied that ever happened.

It’s just that Big Guy has a time conflict with BiBi’s request (that I guess he didn’t actually make anyway).  Big Guy was previously scheduled to campaign meet with David Letterman at that time. And who do America’s Jewish voters trust more, BiBi or Dave? I’m gonna go with Dave.

Anyway, you sure can’t blame Netanyahu for wondering who the heck is in charge around here. A lot of people have been asking that lately, as our heavy WTF schedule has kept us on the road and away from the Oval office a lot lately. 

obama-iphone2012_reps_s640x525We haven’t even perfected the “phoning it in” head fake

“For Rent”

The current crises have caused Big Guy to seek the advice of someone who has far more leadership experience and better negotiation skills in Middle East affairs than he does. Butt so far we haven’t heard back from Jimmy Carter. JC’s been in almost the exact same situation before and his advice about using helicopters could be invaluable. And who knows more about the “Brotherhood” than the formerly worst President of all times, who jump started the mythical “Arab Spring” long before BO was even a community organizer.

Butt apparently Jimmy couldn’t be reached immediately. He’s off building huts in Africa, or counting votes somewhere in the Middle East. I hope he’s safe.

    carter praises egyptian votescarter praises egyptian votes2

Butt what a mess! Right in the middle of our WTF campaign season. We’re going to have to find somebody to blame this mess on PDQ.

George-W_-Bush-6Still BO’s universal scapegoat after all these years. Now that’s historic!

Oh good. I see Hillary has now condemned the action leading to Ambassador Chris Steven’s and his staff’s death. And Big Guy too! He wanted to beat Romney to the punch, who’s going to try to make this into a campaign issue. As if.

Anyway, I hear that the current Arab uprising was just another one of those social media flash mob phenomena. Apparently they’re upset about a 17 minute movie that poked fun at their prophet Mohammad. I guess it was pretty insulting. Butt then, I remember some pretty insulting movies made about Jesus too. Christians didn’t kill anyone in Hollywood as far as I recall. In fact I don’t believe that normal people respond to insults by killing people (except in Chicago). I think we really need to take a closer look at this “religion of peace” to see if it really qualifies as a religion at all. Most religions don’t condone the killing of innocents. Sounds more like hero worship to me.  What do they call that again?


Oh yes, a radical ideology. Civilization has historically had trouble coexisting with “religions” like that in the past.

Anyway, speaking of 9-11, I thought you’d like to know: Lady M and BO marked the day with a moment of silence at the Big White,

bo mo sept 11bo mo rearview

a wreath laying at the Pentagon,

mo wreathbo mo pentagon

and a visit to Arlington Cemetery. As you can see, the day grew hotter as it went along.

bo mo arlington 9-11-12bo mo arlington 9-11-12- 2

Pucker up Buttercup

And yes, the frock is recycled. It’s the re-election season you know.

going homeMarch, 2011

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