Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Will Know You by the Friends You Keep

All around the country inquiring minds are asking: “Who is this president of ours, who has declared war on freedom of speech instead of on the Islamic terrorists who burned our embassy and killed our ambassador?”

To find out I would highly recommend Dinesh D'Souza's film (while it’s still available for viewing in this country) 2016.

Or you could read BO’s first autobiography, Dreams From My Father. He tells you in his own words:

“To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully.”

120130_obama-cast-axelrod- jarret02_p465Friends practicing for their audition as “mainstream” advisors to the Preezy

bomo viewCarefully chosen: ladies of the View, check. Prime Minister of Israel, not so much.

“The more politically active black students.”


Black liberation theologian, check. Black defender of the oppressed (e.g. New Black Panthers), check

“The foreign students.”

mohammedmorsi‘nuf said

“The Chicanos.”

Sonia-SotomayorWise Latinas

“The Marxist professors”

AyersSteppingOnFlag8o10“Boom Boom” Ayers, father of Educational Propaganda

cass-sunsteinCass Sunstein: another constitutional scholar FOB’s who doesn’t believe in the Constitution 

(Cass is also husband of Samantha Power; another FOB and Senior Director of Multilateral Affairs and Hunan (reproductive) Rights.)


She qualifies on her own merits as a FOB and EOI (enemy of Israel).

“and structural feminists”

fluke buttons it up…and reproductive rights activist.

In summary then, if we are to define Big Guy by the friends he keeps I guess we’d have to say he’s a Marxist anti-Semitic Jihadist feminist. I don’t see how he can possibly lose to that Romney guy, do you? 

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