Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey Obama, Sgt. Friday called. He’s on to your Clapper Caper.

Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has apparently been assigned to take the fall for Benghazigate; you know - the trumped-up scandal about your government lying to you about terrorism, al Queda and hateful movie trailers?

I’m not positive butt I think this debriefing may lead to Clapper’s downfall :

It became painfully obvious that we were going to need a fall guy after this harsh WSJ editorial:

In his United Nations speech on Tuesday, President Obama talked about the September 11 attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and declared that "there should be no doubt that we will be relentless in tracking down the killers and bringing them to justice." What he didn't say is how relentless he'll be in tracking down the security lapses and intelligence failures that contributed to the murders. Let's say there's some doubt about that.

Then they go on to describe exactly just how much doubt:

None of the initial explanations offered by the White House and State Department since the assault on the Benghazi consulate has held up. (snip)

Administration officials also maintained that the diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt (snip) were properly defended and that the U.S. had no reason to prepare for any attack. "The office of the director of National Intelligence has said we have no actionable intelligence that an attack on our post in Benghazi was planned or imminent," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said last week, calling the security measures in place there "robust."

Cell phone video footage and witness testimony from Benghazi soon undercut the Administration trope of an angry march "hijacked" by a few bad people. As it turned out, the assault was well-coordinated, with fighters armed with guns, RPGs and diesel canisters, which were used to set the buildings on fire. (snip)

You'd think this admission would focus attention on why the compound was so vulnerable to begin with. But the Administration wants to avoid this conversation.(snip)

Journalists have stayed on the case, however, and their reporting is filling in the Administration's holes [!]. On Friday, our WSJ colleagues showed that starting in spring, U.S. intelligence had been worried about radical militias in eastern Libya. These armed groups helped topple Moammar Ghadhafi last year but weren't demobilized as a new government has slowly found its legs.(snip)

Deteriorating security was no secret. On April 10, for example, an explosive device was thrown at a convoy carrying U.N. envoy Ian Martin. On June 6, an improvised explosive device exploded outside the U.S. consulate. In late August, State warned American citizens who were planning to travel to Libya about the threat of assassinations and car bombings.

Despite all this, U.S. diplomatic missions had minimal security. (snip)

Imagine the uproar if, barely a month before Election Day, the Bush Administration had responded to a terrorist strike—on Sept. 11 no less—in this fashion. Obfuscating about what happened. Refusing to acknowledge that clear security warnings were apparently ignored. Then trying to shoot the messengers who bring these inconvenient truths to light in order to talk about anything but a stunning and deadly attack on U.S. sovereign territory.

Four Americans lost their lives in Benghazi in a terrorist attack that evidence suggests should have been anticipated and might have been stopped. Rather than accept responsibility, the Administration has tried to stonewall and blame others. Congress should call hearings to hold someone accountable for this debacle.

Have you ever read anything so racist in your whole life!?! That’s not just a dog whistle, it’s a whole Clapper. At least they didn’t mention anything about that embarrassingly groveling apology issued by our Egyptian Consulate.

I sure hope this horrible, irresponsible, racist report doesn’t result in any of those “blood on your hands” protests that were so popular during the Bush years.

condi blood on your hands protestorThat’s racist too, right?

Because that sure would be a buzz kill at our campaign stops.

peaceniks vote early and oftenEspecially the college stops where el studente for Peace vote early. And often.

So I guess heads will have to roll. We’ll be offering up Mr. Clapper first, in hopes that will ameliorate the lapdogs. If not, I’m afraid Susan Rice will be toast too. No. Not a chance Hilz will take a hit though: are you kidding me? The hardest working woman in the world? No way. She’s bullet proof, like Big Guy.

obama superhero

Clapper, on the other hand, Is gone. I think we’re going to blame him, too, for approving the sale of those 4 wind farms in Oregon to Chinese nationals (because they don’t have enough wind in China?) that BO had to rescind with an executive order late yesterday. It seems there was a little problem with the sale: all of the “farms” are within or in the vicinity of restricted air space of a Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility.  Whew! Dodged that national security bullet just in time too. Who ever would have thought to check that sort of thing out before signing the bill of sale anyway? What kind of National Intelligence do you people expect us to collect for a mere $60 billion a year?

Butt don’t worry, even though Big Guy’s too busy governing from the soap box to take a face-to-face with Bibi, or prepare for his debate with what’s his name, he’s still phoning it in:

bo phoning it in

And like the loyal and devoted spouse she is, Lady M is toophoning it in, that is. From the campaign trail.


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