Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Game Show Host Candy was Dandy

Whenever the moderator of the debate is the main story, you know you’ve got a problem.  Or as the Romans used to say “who fact checks the fact checkers?”

I don’t think it an exaggeration to say that by pulling BO’s man-parts out of the fire of Benghazi-gate that  “Candy lied and journalism died.”

candy goldenhairOkay, I’m calling this one for the President. Any objections? Hearing none, let’s continue.

bo mitt contain that smirkI’m sorry Mr. Romney, instant re-plays weren’t in your contract

I know most people believe main stream “journalism” has been been “weekending at Bernie’s” for a long time now butt this flag on the play might have effectively pulled the plug on the life support system, thus putting all of the Obamacare death panel rules into effect for the next debate.

To her credit, Candy did review the call – after the game of course, so as not to upset the play – and decided it was a legal tackle and not unnecessary roughness after all.


Butt the score stands. Because that’s how we do it in professional journalism. So man up, for crying out loud!

bo romney down boyYour chestnuts are safe for now

And speaking of manning up, BO got a pat on the head and extra treats for not debating with his lady parts.

bo mo hugGood boy, Buh-rock, good boy.

Pink was the ladies’ choice last night:

bo mo kissmitt ann real kiss2

Can you spot the real kiss vs. the stage kiss?

Because pink softens you, and makes you seem less threatening, which Ann can be sometimes.

mo6 ann wave

Anyway, calling a clear winner in last night’s throw down has proved more difficult than originally anticipated by the pre-game press releases. It would be easier if the scoring was simply fact based, because here’s the rough score: Big Guy was wrong on natural gas permits, wrong on coal, wrong on the price of gas, wrong on jobs, jobs, jobs!, wrong on GM, wrong on Keystone pipeline, wrong on immigration, wrong on AK-47’s and horribly, willfully wrong on Benghazi-gate.

And Mitt was wrong on agreeing to the terms of Candy’s Corner. So it’s a draw.

Because these “debates” are scored on style not substance, by those rules, lying is never a negative if you are a Democrat, and it serves your purpose. And this is a rule BO’s lived by his entire life so he did have the advantage going in.

So while all the loyal fans stuck with him, the most important demographic last night - undecided independents were not so easily won over.  And while Axe-man and the rest of the gang were delighted that they managed to whip their boy (is that racist?) into shape for the big rumble, the only spectators who counted didn’t seem as amazed by BO’s performance as were his handlers.


And if Frank Luntz is to be believed, Big Guy’s got a little more homework to do between now and Monday since they all thought Romney won. And oh my! Even Ms.NBC’s undecided panel sounds to me like they’re leaning Romney. Although it didn’t sound that way to Chrissy trickle-down-pants. He thought it was a draw; butt then again he was operating under the fog of war; or something.

This is not going to go well for Big Guy if all the “undecideds” decide to believe their own lyin’ eyes instead of the game show host who decided to call the debate for Big Guy.


Uh, they did, Mark.

dandy candyAnd here are the official results! Candy calls it for the Eye-Candy!

Of course, there’s always going to be Monday morning quarterbacks who have the benefit of calling the game after reviewing all the plays:

 “Obama did not forfeit the debate as last time, and took his cue from Joe Biden in interrupting and muttering while Romney spoke, so his energy made it an entertaining night. Nevertheless, the same theme as in Denver emerged — Romney more often providing specific proposals and detailed critiques, and Obama preferring more often emoting and running more on hypotheticals, as if he were not an incumbent with a depressing record that he is obligated to defend.

A key moment was Libya, and that is bad for the Obama cause, even if Romney let Obama slightly off the hook. Obama frowned and got defensive and then blew it by disingenuous explanations — claiming that almost immediately after the attack, he had labeled it an act of terrorism, omitting that on numerous occasions in the next two weeks he most certainly did not say that clearly at all, and declared either that it was the fault of a video or that he did not have enough information.”

Boy, those Republicans are sore losers, aren’t they?

mo poutLady M, appalled by the audacity of the dope – Governor Romney that is.

So, what do you say? Can we agree that from now on we’ll do these “debates” with no moderators, no umpires, no refs?

joey smirksAnd no potted plants?

Because Candy was dandy, butt liquor’s still quicker.

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