Monday, October 15, 2012

Obama: Cramming To Prevent Another “Abyssmal” Performance

Big Guy’s holed up at a five-star waterfront resort in Virginia to cram for his “debate” with Candy Crowley on Tuesday.

Obama aides said the president was clear-eyed about the need to have a better showing in his second debate with Romney. After a listless first performance, Obama was focused on delivering more pointed and aggressive responses.


Other players include Anita “Mao is my Lord and Savior” Dunn.

david axelrod anita dunn bo debate prepBO, AXE-Man, Anita doing pre-pre-debate drills in the Oval

She’s playing the part of Candy “Romney/Ryan is some kind of Republican death wish” Crowley.


They don’t look anything alike butt they both worship totalitarian dictators.

motus-totus-series-totalitarian-of-the-u-s-political-poster-1280410740Calling Professor Jacobson: I think I’ve been libeled(?) or slandered(?)! Help!

So that sounds about right. Unfortunately  John Kerry is still reporting for duty despite being responsible for BO’s “listless” (as the SRM likes to call it) performance in the first debate.

john kerry“This is like a toothache.”

Seriously, he should have known that when working with a mind as brilliant and lithe as Big Guy’s you have to go the extra mile to engage and entertain challenge him.

bo hoover damHey! I could use one of these to dam up the deficit. Let’s move it to Washington!

Otherwise you run the risk of making homework seem like a “drag.”

Butt obviously both BO and Big John have learned a lot since the last debate because Big Guy  reports that prep is “going great” this time. And he still found time to drop in on the local campaign office to deliver a few pizzas,

bo pizza guy

make a few robo-calls:

HI. IT'S BOHi, baby. It’s me again. I’m bored.

There’s really only one problem: the longer this drags out the more Mitt’s beginning to look younger.

mitt ohio younger more presidential

More presidential.

mitt ohio rain

Even in the rain.

mitt ann romney sunday

While Big Guy is beginning to look more like, well, an aging pizza guy:

bo pizza

And a none-too-talented robo-caller.

bo assume a phoneWhat are these funny little buttons? Can I try the iPhone again?

Butt let’s focus on some exciting non-political news for a change: did you see that Felix Baumgarter went where no man has ever gone before?

Felix Baumgartner gif

That’s right, right off Big Guy’s fiscal cliff and into the abyss: Fortunately he survived.

It’s giving me new HOPE: maybe we will too.

mitt middleclass tax cutRomney: not only can he spell math, butt he can use it in a sentence that makes sense.

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