Monday, October 22, 2012

HOPE: It’s a Flexible Foreign Policy

This story about Big Guy sending a secret message to Iran recognizing their nuclear rights is bogus. I know it contains a whiff of truth; Big Guy does like to show respect and deference to our enemies in order to get them to trust and respect us. Butt I’m not buying it; for the simple reason that BO’s been perfectly clear what his position on nuclear armament is ever since his undergraduate days at Columbia.

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As Dewey From Detroit reported back in 2009, everything BO needed to know about foreign affairs he learned by his senior year at Columbia. (h/t Dinesh D'Souza)

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His position on nuclear armament was particularly well articulated and, thankfully for us, documented in the student magazine, Sundial:

“Generally, the narrow focus of the Freeze movement as well as academic discussion of the first versus second strike capabilities, suit the military-industrial interests, as they continue adding to their billion dollar erector sets.”

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In case you’re having a little trouble following that, it means he’s opposed to "the relentless, often silent spread of militarism in the country" in general and to nuclear arms in particular.

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Likewise, Barry, as he was still known then, noted that the anti-nuclear groups on campus were providing a great service by "visualizing the possibilities of destruction and grasping the tendencies of distorted national priorities,” by “throwing their weight into shifting America off the dead-end track," i.e. eliminating our nuclear arsenal.

So unless you believe that Big Guy’s “evolved” from the position he developed as a 22 year old member of the Choom-squad – and we have no reason to believe he has – he’s not going to support the proliferation of nuclear weapons simply to ingratiate himself to our enemies!

Unless, of course, he has to.

dimitryDon’t forget to tell Pootie that I can do back bends, Dmitri

Roger Simon, in giving Governor Romney advice ahead of tonight’s debate, seems to agree with me:

Only a man with a leftover undergraduate ambivalence about Western civilization would have dealt with the Benghazi catastrophe in such a fashion in the first place. Barack Obama responded to the terrorism like a Columbia junior stoned on a reefer… (snip)…Mitt Romney would be well advised to remember his opponent is a man who has not fully grown up. He doesn’t know how to take responsibility in an adult manner, so the chances that he will lash out are strong.

Boy, who would have thought that the foreign affairs debate – thought to be a lay up for Big Guy just a month ago – would end up being such a mine field of potentially embarrassing questions?

Butt with this kind of clear, crisp thinking I expect BO to do just fine:

“It’s naïve for us to think,”… “that we can grow our nuclear stockpiles, the Russians continue to grow their nuclear stockpiles, and our allies grow their nuclear stockpiles, and that in that environment we’re going to be able to pressure countries like Iran and North Korea not to pursue nuclear weapons themselves.”

Unless of course, Dewey is right:

No, that’s not naive. That’s knowing what our military is there for: keeping rogue nations that mean us harm in check.

But here’s what is naive: clinging to the same idealistic goal of a nuclear free world that he espoused in 1983. Where is the wisdom that generally accrues with age and experience? As Frank J. Gaffney Jr., a former Pentagon official from the Reagan era, points out: “There is only one country on earth that Team Obama can absolutely, positively denuclearize: Ours.” Believing others will follow our good example is the textbook definition of naive.

So, expect a good game tonight when Big Guy and Mitt square off in the Foreign Affairs Superbowl. BO’s been cramming all weekend, and finally made it through his binder:


So I just hope he’s had enough sleep, eats the right kind of dinner and doesn’t forget any of his hysterical one liners about Benghzi tonight.

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It’s looking good for Team-Obama so far; we’ve got Chavez, Castro, Putin, Russell Crowe, and the UN all in our camp. What could go wrong?

Besides, Mitt’s too much of a gentleman to ask what BO meant by telling Medvedev to let Pootie know “I’ll have more flexibility after the election,” or “why didn’t you authorize more security for our embassy?” And even if he does, Big Guy’s been practicing his defense-offense response all weekend:

big bird not murder

So turn on the popcorn machine, roll in the tea trolley and let’s get ready to rumble! Butt remember: this is an exhibition, not a competition. No wagering please.

solyndra“You don’t just pick the winners and losers. You pick the losers.” Mitt Romney

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