Saturday, October 27, 2012

It’s 3:00 AM, Barry’s Asleep? Hey, he’s got a fundraiser in Vegas in the morning!

We’ve already asked “What didn’t he know, and when didn’t he know it.” Now it looks like “some people” are going to ask “what did he - or didn’t he – order, and why?”  Butt let me be clear: we won’t be asking him any of those questions until after the reelection. Because, as you know,

“The election has nothing to do with four brave Americans getting killed and us wanting to find out exactly what happened," Obama said in an interview with KUSA, the NBC affiliate in Denver.”

"Nobody wants to find out more what happened than I do.”

Some people might be wondering who would know what happened better than Big Guy himself, as he is technically the nerve center of the, uh, you know, War on Terror.

--bo stoned colorado interview“Who is this punk-a**  KUSA reporter and who does he think he’s talking too?”

And let’s not let this wild goose chase for the truth allow us to lose sight of Job One: WTF (Winning the Future).


Because that “vision” thing of his – to fundamentally transform America - hasn’t been fully implemented yet.

Fascism.obama vision for americajpg

So, with an eye to that end (WTF) we bolstered GDP this month with additional government deficit spending and jiggled the unemployment numbers with mathamagicals last month (look for more of the same next week) to get the economy “headed in the right direction.” And don’t forget: we more or less ended the War on Terror when BO whacked Osama. Although admittedly, as of late it looks a little more like “less” than “more.”

The good news is that most of the State Run Media is going along with the “improved economy” line of reporting, with the exception of a few random acts of journalism as previously noted:

Pressed twice during the KUSA interview, Obama wouldn't address a Friday report suggesting that the Americans in Benghazi asked for more assistance as the Sept. 11 attack was taking place, and instead stressed that his administration is engaged in a thorough investigation.

That last part is the tell. Once we start side stepping questions with the standard lawyerly “ongoing investigation” excuse you can pretty much guarantee we’re in cover-up mode. So Big Guy and all of his Horseman of the Apocalypse are busily telling everyone that “the election has nothing to do with the Libyan deaths.” Oh how we long for the good old days when all we had to do was say it to make it so!

barry pharoah-WM“So let it be written, so let it be done.”

Now days we’ve got people butting in all over the place, saying things like,

“don't let anybody tell you Benghazi isn't important. If it wasn't important it would not be worth lying about for six whole weeks before the election.”

Butt don’t worry, we’ve got plausible deniability and a great coverup for why no help was sent to aid our fallen Ambassador in Benghazi:

At a Pentagon news briefing, Panetta said there was no "real-time information" to be able to act on, even though the U.S. military was prepared to do so.

"You don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing what's going on," Panetta said. "(We) felt we could not put forces at risk in that situation."

"You had the movie, the 9/11 anniversary and unrest in various countries in that region. All that factored into the decision to put troops on a heightened state of alert. But that doesn't mean forces are positioned everywhere in the world, ready to run to the rescue…And there was no actionable intelligence that Benghazi was going to be attacked on 9/11."

Apparently we have implemented new rules of engagement. You may wish to familiarize yourself with them, in case you and your family are impacted at some point in the future. Here is how a few scenarios could play out under the new rules. Dateline Detroit, October 30th:


  • It’s Devil’s Night in Detroit and a massive, accelerant-fueled fire erupts in a  church. The priest calls 911 from the rectory to report it and is told: “I’m sorry, we can’t  deploy fire department personnel into harm's way without knowing what's going on. Just because we’re the Fire Department doesn’t mean that we have forces positioned everywhere in the city, ready to run to the rescue…”



  • It’s 3:00 am. You’re awakened by the sound of men kicking in your door. You gather your children and lock yourselves in the bathroom and call 911. Meanwhile your husband grabs a baseball bat and stands in the hall, ready to beat back the home invaders in an attempt to protect you with the only weapon he has at his disposal. Your frantic call to 911 for help elicits the following response from the operator: “I’m sorry, we do not have sufficient information to send officers into harm’s way. Since what you’re reporting is an uncertain situation, your request for police support is denied for now butt we’ll get back you in 24 hours if we can establish adequate intelligence to warrant police action.”


  • Meanwhile, police officers take it upon themselves to respond to your call for help. They encounter armed suspects at your home who fire at them. One officer is hit and the other officer radios for backup. The police dispatcher responds: “I’m sorry, your request for backup is denied. We can not put additional forces at risk in a situation without adequate real time intelligence.”

Butt try not to let yourself get distracted with all this Libya stuff. Lady M is staying focused like a laser beam on what’s most important right now. Although it does look like the troops are starting to demonstrate a little campaign fatigue:

mo middle school las vegas

Lady M is still going schtrong.

mo middle school las vegas2

NOTE: Raj and I are off to another one of the nieces’ (so far, 4 nieces/nephews down, 18 to go!) weddings across state and won’t be able to check in until late evening. Carry on troops!

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