Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama’s Cliff Notes Economy: “I’ve got a binder too!”

Uh oh! What fresh hell is this? An email trail? That leads directly to everybody and their grandmother?

Wow! This is news: it looks like Benghazi was described as a terror attack just two hours after the attack began. Who knew!?

Apparently everyone.

Delete those files for crying out loud. And when you purge those pesky, smoking gun emails, just make sure you hit “Delete Email” NOT the whole BHO beta program:

uninstall-obama-uninstalling-barack-hussein-obama-virus-found-sad-hill-news-13H/T SadHill

Note to self: be careful who you throw under the bus next time.

Anyway, it’s becoming increasingly evident why Bubba has become one of Big Guy’s most trusted advisors as of late - he has a lot of experience in this area:


“…the House of Representatives voted to impeach Clinton for not only perjury but obstruction of justice. Despite the scandal, Clinton maintained relatively high approval ratings from the American public, and the Senate acquitted him of the charges.”

However, now that Bubba’s life partner has been pressed into service as the fall gal in  Benghazi-gate, can Big Guy continue to rely on getting the same kind of good advice from him that Hilz does?

bill hill haiti“Ah tried to warn you he was a snake Hil, next time maybe you’ll listen to ol’ Bubba.”

Between the newly leaked emails and the unauthorized exposure of all of the lies that Big Guy had to tell at the debate the other night in order to WIN on points, things are looking sort of bad around here. How bad? Well, we’ve decided to start talking about the economy.

The campaign Big Brains published a brand new 20 page Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! booklet for Big Guy to wave around on the trail. The book - “The New Economic Patriotism,” subtitled: “A day late and a dollar short so can I pay you in cliches?” is flying off the shelves.

obamaplan jobsIf this weren’t a real plan, could I do this with it?

As I said, it’s a 20 page brochure (although 19 of them are cartoons);

ramirez_jobs for plumbers2011_09_15Plumber jokes!?! Have you idiots never heard of Watergate?

butt it contains a whole bunch of details, including a new 7 point plan:

  • Reviving American Manufacturing (“GM’s alive and…well, never mind)
  • Energy Made in America (Green energy that is: no gas, oil, coal or nuclear)
  • Growing Small Businesses ( How to grow a small business? Start with a big one.)
  • Quality Education (more and better paid union teachers!)
  • Cutting The Deficit By More Than $4 Trillion (in 2065)
  • Putting YOU in Charge of Your Health Care (take the pain pill and good luck!)
  • Protecting Retirement Security (Convert to Canadian dollars.)

Quick Cliff Notes summary: stimulate the economy by investing more of your tax dollars in education, infrastructure, green energy.

ramirez.obama job planpg“We’re on correct path now comrades.”

So okay, our economic recovery has been a little slower than we expected. Butt at least we don’t have any more of that Bush era crony capitalism around here. From now on it’s strictly Obama era.

brothers bidenThe Brothers Biden: two of the luckiest guys in the world. What are the odds?

So between our new Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! plan, and Harvey’s new movie coming out next week (starring BO as the HERO!) I think we can deflect this new Republican campaign for truthiness and WTF.

And if that doesn’t work, we can still deploy our secret weapon.

mo weighs inLady M weighs in: Whoop! Whoop!

Because nobody can speak from the heart about the Emancipation Proclamation like MO:

The Emancipation Proclamation was signed a century and a half ago. The marches and boycotts and lunch counter sit-ins of the civil rights era are 50 or 60 years behind us.

And today, there are no longer any separate water fountains, no more guards keeping any of our children from the schoolhouse door.  That’s a sign of how far we’ve come – we live in a world with progress that our parents and grandparents would never have even dreamed of.

But that doesn’t mean that our work is finished.

Obama_-_My_Work_Here_Is_DoneAu contraire mon chéri!

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