Sunday, January 13, 2013

Guns for Me Butt Not for Thee

Meet some more of All the President’s (white) Men:

guns for me butt not for thee

Not to be confused with the rest of the President’s (all white) men. 


Unlike the wonks who are only dangerous because they’re all likeminded ideologues, our Secret Service detail is armed and dangerous.

Butt you? You don’t need no stinkin’ guns! And Joey B’s anti-gun task force is about to tell you so. In fact, they would like to confiscate the ones you’ve got.

squirt_gunsbo camp david joey b at his vp houseI said drop it Joey! That high capacity Super-soaker is on the banned list.


As it turns out, there’s no reason to get upset about the makeup of Joey’s hand selected team since they’re just window dressing. The real task force is comprised of our betters over at the Center for American Progress (CAP) think tank. 

Yes,that’s right: the CAP – a George Soros funded band of another brother’s mothers - put together a list of 13 (unlucky number alert!) recommendations on gun control that they sent over to the Big White for Big Guy’s signature consideration on Friday.

And GOP, if you want to rally the troops to your cause, pay attention here: in addition to activating all the usual rags mainstream outlets - television, newspapers and Hollywood - you need to unleash the influential fashion press on your propaganda machine as well. Just like the Instapundit recommended, you guys need to buy some fashion mags! And while you’re at it, don’t forget about television stations, newspapers and magazines. Also good outlets to ensure that your whole team is playing by Alinsky Rules.

Anyway, after Victoria Coley sent Glamour Magazine Editor Lauren Iannotti a copy of this Independent Women's Forum statement about how banning high capacity ammunition magazines leaves women and their families more vulnerable, she received this response: "Please unsubscribe me to your strange, sensationalizing polemics. Thank you."

kiboshed before Hey SondraK, that’s what I call fashion!

I guess Lauren’s the one who responded “Dial 911 and HOPE the cops get there before he kills you” in my survey.

And speaking of which, the polls have now closed on MOTUS’ Friday Gun Survey. Here are the final results, rounded to the nearest thousand as allowed under Chicago Rules:

BREAKING NEWS: MOTUS’ Friday Gun Poll has been re-opened due to popular demand and a linkie from Moonbattery! Hey, Chicago Rules, you know?

gun poll results copy

I take it from your responses that most of you would not be in favor of replacing the President’s armed Secret Service detail with a new iPhone 5 with “911” programmed into speed dial. That’s good because Big Guy rejected that proposal as well.

obama secret service agents with gunsLike I said, guns for me, butt not for thee

Wow! This is big! Something that BHO and Ronnie agree on, and who’d a thunk it would be about gun control:


Oh wait, I may have mis-misunderstood Big Guy’s position on this.

guns didn't do that

BHO doesn’t approve of President Reagan’s “strange, sensationalizing polemics” after all.

And finally, I’ve saved the most important news for last, Teri O’Brian – America’s Original Warrior Princess has named her January 12, 2013 “Blog of the Day” and the winner is...

Screenshot Studio capture #720


I’ve added Teri to my blogroll over there on the “Right” so you can drop in on her. She also hosts one of the most popular shows on Blog Talk Radio, The Teri O’Brian Show, which was named Red State Talk Radio's "Talk Show of the Year" for 2011. In addition to being  - obviously - a consummate judge of “funny and insightful commentary,” Teri’s a real “straight shooter” (we can still say that here!).

Thanks Teri and all my MOLs, MODs, MYLs, MYDs and FOMs!!!

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