Friday, March 22, 2013

Dreidel Dee, Dreidel Dumb

No wonder Big Guy had to launch his Mideast Charm Offensive: USA Today reports that the U.S is now less popular in the region than at the end of the George W. Bush administration(!).

bo so much fun

Perhaps if their reporter had attended last night’s State Dinner in honor of BO they would have felt otherwise. It was, well, charming:

So, with gratitude for your life and your service, and as you prepare to celebrate your 90th birthday this summer -- and since I’m starting to get pretty good at Hebrew -- (laughter) -- let me propose a toast -- even though you’ve taken away my wine
-- (laughter.) Come on. Bring another.

How are you?

SERVER: Here you are, sir. (Applause.)

THE PRESIDENT: A toast -- ad me’ah ve’esrim. L’chaim! (Applause.) Mmm, that's good wine. (Laughter.) Actually, we should probably get this out of the photograph. All these people will say I'm having too much fun in Israel. (Laughter.)


bo mmmm matzo  funToo much fun with Matzo crackers: Big Guy doing his “rodent impersonation”

bo peres way too much funToo much fun playing “Air Raid” with Shimon

bo having fun in israelToo much fun looking out over the massive crowd that came to hear him tell them to “Demand peace from your leaders!”

telaviv crowds go wild watching bo's speech Massive crowd, having too much fun listening to Big Guy’s speech on the Jumbotron

Here are a couple other highlights of BO’s too fun trip:

bo bibi Professor Amir Geva, head of the biomedical signal processing  tech expoBig Guy meets his favorite Hasidic rapper, doKtor dreiDel

And of course his meeting with Yityish Aynaw. Who knew? If Big Guy had a Jewish daughter…she could be Miss Israel!

bo miss israel Yityish AynawI swear, I didn’t know there were any black Jews!

Speaking of race - and it seems we always are - here’s another little issue back on the homefront that might get out of hand if BO doesn’t get back pretty soon to resolve it.

It’s about our illegal alien situation; apparently we have some people questioning our deportation policy. They want to know why Ricky and Big Sis don’t want to deport this family:

more-fine-illegal-aliensThe MS-13 “family,”  they’re welcome to stay

Butt they do want to deport this evangelical German family seeking asylum for the religious right to homeschool?

romeike-familyThe Romeika family, they’re not welcome

I realize that the evangelical family is unlikely to vote even once let alone 3 or 4 times for the Democrats whereas the MS-13 family is a lock; and I really hate to be the one to bring this up, butt isn’t this policy a little…uh, racist?

I understand this whole issue evolves around human rights. Apparently wanting to leave Mexico to secure your human rights to receive food stamps and health care from the U.S. government is a human right, butt leaving a country where home schooling is outlawed is not. Especially, now that Big Guy plans to outlaw home schooling here.

 holder on homeschooling

Because, as we all know, it’s the government’s job to indoctrinate your children, not yours. You might get something important wrong. Like “Why might the United States might be a target for terrorism?”

I’ll leave you today with a little sample of doKtor dreiDel’s “art”. Big Guy’s got it on his iPod and you should have it too:

Oh sure, it’s no Beyonce (role model for Big Guy’s daughters), or even Jay-Z, butt it is timely.

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