Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Through the teeth and over the gums, Look out Bibi here he comes!

Finally, an answer to the question “Why does Congress have such low approval ratings?”

Screenshot Studio capture #993Harry on Senate floor linking Big Guy’s idea for sequestration to the deaths of 7 brave Marines

It’s because they are so despicable. I recommend that they work on that.

Meanwhile, back at the Big White where the ill effects of Big Guy’s idea for sequestration are still being felt:

StPaulsatWhiteHouse2-640x400St. Paul’s Sixth graders shut out of the Big White, due to Big Guy’s idea for sequester

We did however open the doors for our annual belated St. Patrick’s celebration with Ireland’s  Prime Minister Enda Kenny and his wife Fionnuala O'Kelly; and a few hundred friends and relatives. Because as everyone knows, it’s important to maintain really good relations with the country that invented one of Big Guy’s favorite things:


st patsRock stars! Oh - and there are our little Irish guests off on the side.

mo st patrick partyFor the occasion Lady M wore a lovely new emerald green frock, her newest hair and her same old smile: gorgeous!

Hard to believe, butt Big Guy headed out on Air Force Won right after the St. Patrick’s day celebration on his Mid-East Charm Offensive.

OBAMA_GUINNESS_601786sMazel Tov!

So far, so good!

shimon bo beebe“Say, Bibi, about that Iron Dome system that we helped you fund,”

old iron domeBO and Bibi with part of the Iron Dome

bo and bibi“I might need to take it back. It seems I forgot to build one for my own country.”

bo bibi2“I think not, Barry.”

bo empty chair“Mazel Tov, Little Man. You’re on your own. How do you like it?”

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