Thursday, March 21, 2013

Our Beast of Burden

The symbolism surrounding Big Guy’s Mideast trip is starting to pile up.

First the Beast is fed the wrong petro:

spotlessThe “Beast” – clean butt not well fed

the beast on towHauled away like a common criminal in a no parking zone

This incident recalled an equally embarrassing  incident back in 2011 when it bottomed out with Lady M onboard in Ireland)

limo-mishap-1-ri_653They don’t call her old lead bottom for nothing – the “Beast” I mean...(the car)

Next, Big Guy ceremonially planted a magnolia tree from the Big White at the residence of Shimon Peres - that was dug up immediately after the ceremony and placed in quarantine. It’s sort of the Israeli form of a “watch list.”

the obama tree

Come to think of it BO planted a tree in Ireland when he was there too! I wonder if they dug theirs up?

tree of life

And you know what else? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence butt it looks like BO’s wearing the same unruly blue tie as he did in Ireland!

     ancestral-town_thumb bo empty chair

Don’t ask me what it all means, I’ve no idea. Maybe it’s a good omen for Palestine; or a bad omen for Israel…or maybe Ireland.

Here’s a short synopsis of Big Guy’s speechifying in Ramallah, so you can decide for yourself:

Palestine deserves a state of their own, Israel hasn’t been very helpful to Palestinians, Ramallah is a place of promise, unlike Gaza which is a place of terror. Which reminded Big Guy to point out once again what a deeply flawed country America was before he arrived on scene to end racism:

“Whenever I meet these young people, whether they’re Israeli or Palestinian, I think of my young daughters,’ he said during a joint press conference with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

‘Those of us in the United States understand that change takes time, but change is possible. There was a time when my daughters did not have the same opportunities as somebody else’s daughters.”

And as we all recall, protestors were lobbing rockets into Selma, Alabama to secure their rights to a separate state too.

And then, at the press conference afterwards, BO compared Palestinian-Israeli relations to the problems that the U.S. and Canada have managed to overcome. I’m sure you all remember the Maple Syrup Wars, right?

Anyway, enough of that. Lady M is making the world safe for our military families on the home front. All I can say is poor Little Bo. I’m going to give him some extra Snausages tonight.

     mo little bo2mo little bo

mo pre easter celebrationThere’s that special look again. Come a little bit closer, Gerard!

Don’t worry Little Bo, you’ll never be Big Guy’s Beast of burden.

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