Sunday, March 17, 2013

International Women’s Day: Lead Like A Girl

You did remember that yesterday was International Women’s Day, didn’t you?

Despite receiving the most votes, I’m sorry to have to remind you that Big Guy is not qualified.


Butt then, you already knew that.

little BO at big deskh/t Voice In My Head

Butt do you know who is qualified? Sarah Palin, that’s who.

I’m A Woman: Peggy Lee


dress down days palin

She hunts,


She brings home the bacon,


Cooks it up in a pan,

palin serves up her moose chili

She chops wood,

sarah logging

She bikes,

sarah biking

She fishes,

sarah fishing

She mushes,

sarah mushes

She shoots,


She scores,


Who would you you rather have in your fox hole when NoKo and Iran lob one over the net?

ABC-missiledefense-2013-03-15-550x309“That interceptor expansion had originally been proposed by the Bush administration until President Obama, in 2009, stopped it.”

That’s a trick question, right?

SarahPalinShooting AR-15palin-gun

I’m going with someone who shoots straight.


barry skeeter copy


Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! From a little bull in the weeds:

st pat's doggie_thumb[3]

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