Friday, May 31, 2013

Obama: Putting the sophist back in sophistry

“'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre and gimble in the wabe – Lewis Carroll, Jaberwocky

Caution! You are entering a Spin-Zone.

generator How fast do you suppose this sucker can go?

Beleaguered Attorney General Ricky Holder’s meeting with journOlists to explain how he plans to honor freedom of the press and government transparency the next time he violates the First Amendment was not well attended. Unfortunately, the meeting on transparency was off-the-record so many of the usual mouthpieces had previous engagements.

Not a problem, as most of the “Obama-water-carrying glitterati” had been called in earlier this month for “consultation” on issues related to our persistent Scandalanche® which has negatively been effecting Big Guy’s ability to impose his will implement his “common sense solutions” to America’s nagging problems.

Butt allow me to turn this conversation over to somebody more capable of explaining the situation: Victor Davis Hansen. He’s not confused by Big Guy’s Wonderland of Jabberwocky; he just calls it rhetoric, and treats it accordingly:

After all, we have never had a president who descended the steps of Air Force One with such catlike agility, hands almost as paws lightly bouncing in synchronization with each elfish footstep.


“I taught Obama to Prance!” [Gerard studied Prancercizing yesterday, and again today]

president prancy pants(And now you know the real inspiration for Psy’s Gangnan Style)

Never has a commander in chief so casually, so confidently approached the podium as if he were popping open his own laptop, his jaw almost in Mussolini style thrust out, with eyes fixed three feet above the heads of the audience — all with just the right mixture of self-assurance and canned humility.

Screenshot Studio capture #1120In fact, he outdoes Benito

Never has a president so mastered the teleprompter — no easy task in itself — with just the right pauses, followed with a timely ratcheting up of passion, punctuated with a half-smile, a grimace, a laugh.

totus and potusHey you!

Never has a president mastered both the art of empty bluster and the art of bowing.

Screenshot Studio capture #1121


Never has a president so mastered the patois and cadences of an intended audience: with corporate CEOs, he sounds like a(n) Ivy League Citibank exec;


Screenshot Studio capture #1122“Get Bernanke on the phone!” 

with foreign-policy types, he can out-authenticate the multicultural experts with accentuation like “the Taleeeban” and “Pakeeestan.”


bo in muslim garb

Among African-Americans, he drops his g’s, affects the slight drawl of the South, inserts an old-time Southern colloquialism, and follows the mannerisms of a Rev. Wright thundering at Trinity Church.


obama-churchBearing witness on the campaign trail

Among Latinos, the “r” is rolled, and accent marks fall in the proper places, better than any third-generation Latino evening-television newsreader.


obama-hispanic-oohwee_net_Obama for el Presidente! Hecho in America!

In short, Obama is the most impressive sophist of his age.

sophistry_sophlWhat else could you expect from a community organizer demoted to president?

“If only Barack Obama had something to say…”

bo blocked by totusI am your Tabula Rasa: I can read anything TOTUS scrolls.

As they say, you really must read the whole thing: Our ‘Make No Mistake About It’/'Let Me Be Perfectly Clear’ President.

totus shattersA freeze frame captures the precise moment TOTUS realizes that everything he’s scrolling is pure sophistry. And not even good sophistry at that.



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