Sunday, May 26, 2013

This just in from Cannes: Big Pharma Creates Shemales

We spent our first four years blaming everything on former President Bush,

Obama InaugurationSo long, butt not goodbye.

We’ve now decided to (finally) move on to more sophisticated defenses for our inherent inadequacies. The new excuse alibi immunity is provided by defenses variously known as “the Sgt. Schultz,” “the Nuremberg” or the “Three Wise Monkeys” (I think we can reject that last one out of hand; not because it’s a dog whistle, butt because of the “wise” part.).

msm Monkey See Hear Speak No obama Evil

Of course, we will continue to use the ever popular “Blame it on the R-words” excuse, as it can be generically applied to anything and everything.

-axelrods_tweetHey - What happened to the first $60 billion infrastructure stimulus?

Now, before you get out there and fire up the charcoal grill, or campfire if you’re in one of the Global Warming zones, here’s something else that isn’t the Wons’ fault: the masculinization of women.

That’s right, it’s not Lady M’s and Val Jar’s fault that they sometimes, shall we say, fall short of the feminine ideal:

Screenshot Studio capture #1111Screenshot Studio capture #1112

That’s the fault of “birth control pills.” Don’t take my word for it; this is coming straight (heh) from the Cannes Film Festival. From no lesser luminary than the darling of the glitterati set, ex-Hollywood director and child sexual predator Roman Polanski:

Oscar-winning director Roman Polanski on Saturday blamed birth control pills for "masculinising" women, as he premiered what he called a satire on sexism. (snip)

"I think to level the genders -- it's purely idiotic. I think it's a result... of progress in medicine. I think that the Pill has changed greatly the woman of our times, 'masculinising' her -- how would you say it?" he said, looking to his cast for a prompt.

And who would know better about masculinized women than the man convicted of giving a 13 year old girl drugs and booze before practicing safe statutory rape?

Sorry to leave you with such a conundrum on your holiday weekend: butt what are we to do?  Keep fighting the Republicans’ War on Women by continuing to hand out free birth control pills and risk shemale-ing the entire female population of America? That would eliminate the Democratic advantage:

Screenshot Studio capture #1113Rosen, Rice and Rosa: and that’s just the R’s!!

I say let’s just focus on our shovel ready projects instead, and fix the infrastructure that the R-words broke:


Now on to the weekend festivities: let’s get out there and roast some wieners! Lady M would want you to.

bo weiner dog copyMMMMM! Crunchy!

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