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Nixon-Obama: Twin Sons of Different Mothers???

It’s not as if I didn’t warn you about Big Guy’s similarities to Dick Nixon a long time ago (Obama’s Brother From Another Mother).

nixon-obama menage-a-trois-watermark copynixOn

It’s just that, suddenly, everybody seems to have spontaneously discovered that Tricky Dick has been reincarnated as Cocky Baracky. Despite coming from different political parties (and mothers), BO is a Xerox copy of Dick - only in negative.

nixon obama pointing copy Viewing them in negative removes race from the picture - leaving just the malevolence

Butt let’s run through a few of the specifics involving their duplicative selves, shall we?

  • Milhous opened the door to Communist China, a sworn enemy of the U.S., resulting in an influx of new immigrants:


  • Barry opened the door to Fundamental Islam, our sworn enemy, resulting in another influx of new immigrants:

boston bombers


  • Dickie gave us the EPA, Barry showed us how to use the EPA to smite your enemies


and reward your friends.


  • While running for a second term, someone, with or without Dick’s knowledge or permission, had “plumbers” break into DNC headquartes at the Watergate and collect “opposition research.” Also, the plumbing team broke into the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist to get dirt to use to discredit the leaker of the Pentagon papers. Oh, and he also had the IRS audit some of the people on his enemies list.


  • Barry, on the other hand definitely didn’t know about his good friend and Attorney General’s DOJ department spying on the journalists who were just going about their job of reporting on what government leakers (previously known as a “whistleblowers”) disclosed. In fact, Ricky may or may not even have known about it himself. Nobody around here keeps anybody in the loop. It’s policy. Ipso fatso, Big Guy clearly couldn’t have known about the low level agents at the IRS who took it upon themselves to squelch the money raising ability of conservative groups before the 2012 election by holding up their 501(c)4 applications. Heck, even their immediate bosses didn’t know about that!


  • Tricky Dickie’s secretary accidentally erased some of the White House tape recordings which may or may not have incriminated the President in the Watergate cover-up.

dike and rosemary

  • Barry’s Secretary fell and got a bump on her head, and as a result couldn’t remember anything before the election, and very little afterwards.

bo and hilThe secretary’s oath: stand by your man, no matter what.

hillary-nixon-farewellWait a minute…that’s not right.Is it?

Oh, and that reminds me: Barry also has that little Benghazi bump in the road thing going on; about leaving our embassy unprotected. Unfortunately it resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Stevens and 3 of his attachés. And then there was the cover-up – which they always say is worse than the scandal, butt in this instance that can hardly be said to be the case. Even the Nixter never did anything close to this egregious: he killed a few reputations, butt there were never any bodies.  Big Guy really is unprecedented. Historical.

Anyway, I’m just saying Barry and Dickie do seem to share a lot of qualities, over and above them both being left-handed (natch), bad golfers (just not enough time to practice) with a proclivity for asserting Executive Privilege.

Screenshot Studio capture #1127“I’m never playing this stupid course again. I’ll take a Mulligan.”

In fact, you might say that if Richard Milhous Nixon had a son, he would have looked just like Barack Hussein Obama:

Screenshot Studio capture #1126

Or at least acted just like him.

obama nixon“Don’t worry son, they won’t have you to kick around much longer.”

Oh, and I nearly forgot: both Dick and BO had/have wives who totally rocked the golden girl look:

    pat nixon inauguralmo oslo

There are also unsubstantiated rumors about them both drinking a bit too much as well (the FLOTUS’ that is). Butt who can blame them?

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