Thursday, May 16, 2013

StOnewall Day 7 in the O-Bunker: We still know nuthin’

So Big Guy “fired” (oops! we don’t use that term around here any more) acting IRS Director Stephen Miller. Technically Jack Lew was the poodle handling the termination, as Big Guy never gets involved in the minutia of governing.

Unfortunately, we might only get partial credit for this “decisive action” with respect to Big Guy’s handling of Intim-O-Gate (h/t Glenn Beck) since Mr. Miller was planning to leave in June when his temporary assignment expired anyway.

tree-falls-in-the-forest22If a dead tree falls in the forest…

And if “firing” the acting IRS director – who wasn’t even the Director at the time the IRS “rogue” employees went native on their own – isn’t enough to satisfy you people, then there’s always this time honored defense: it was Bush’s fault:

Oh, and by the way, it doesn’t look like those two four “rogue” employees responsible for initiating the illegal scrutiny of 31 75 300 500 conservative groups are willing to fall on the sword in the forest. From what I hear, they’re taking the Nuremberg defense; and they don’t intend to do it quietly.

And Benghazi? Not BO’s doing. Well, that would be Romney’s fault:

I’m thinking maybe what we need is a new media relations team. Because if Big Guy could just get out in front of these stories I’m sure his expert crisis management skills that he developed as a community organizer would be very helpful. At least we wouldn’t always be a day late and a few trillion dollars short:

Until then, we may have to take the other famous German line of defense – the Sgt. Schultz immunity shield:

I think we need more than a new media team: a full flak jacket would be ideal, butt minimally a new brain bucket. To ward off any additional incoming fire. And I just sense there will be more.


Never underestimate the value of a good Luftwaffe pith helmet to deflect incoming facts; shown here worn jaunty homie style (is that racist?).

“Dude, what up wit dat?”

i know nothing copy “Nuthin’ – I know nuthin’!”

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