Friday, May 17, 2013

Umbrella Etiquette in the Age of Obama

Well, it’s Friday. That used to mean late afternoon document dumps for the media to ignore. The last few weeks though, this gambit seems to have gotten a little out of hand. Now it seems we’re dumping new scandals, or new details from old scandals buried in previous Friday afternoon doc-dumps that the media ignored. And ever since that little phone tapping issue with the AP, they’re not ignoring them anymore!

So today’s scandal-gate dumps include a few new-only-to-the-MSM tidbits, including confirmation of the release of hundreds of level 1 through 3 criminals in Arizona as part of Big Guy’s game of sequester Chicken Little. An ugly little play that might just remind people of another potential scandal just waiting to erupt – or re-erupt, if you’re one of those conservative types targeted by the IRS who happens to watch Fox News.

project-gunrunner-graphicWhat could go wrong

Then there’s the case of the missing Terrorists. That’s right; according to allegations in yet another inspector general report released Thursday, professed terrorists who turned state’s evidence and were entered into a Mafia-style witness protection programs have gone missing. Apparently they slipped through the cracks. They were supposed to be on the no-fly list, butt it  looks like that didn’t happen; some interagency communications snafu or something. 

I thought we fixed that sort of thing after 911.

"Today's IG report shows that the Justice Department continues to repeat the same mistakes that were made prior to 9/11"

Guess not.

At least we can can blame this one on Bush, since it was his idea to remove the barriers to interdepartmental communication, it must be his fault we didn’t do it. This is more “gross mismanagement – pure and simple.” So it’s a good thing we can tie this one to George W, in case this new scandal makes people think about all those MIA guns from Fast and Furious we’ll just remind them that was all Bush’s idea too.



Then there’s more news on the IRS scandal front: I see the woman responsible for the targeting of conservatives has been promoted! And got a $103,000 bonus! How about that, we’ve pinned  Intim-O-Gate on “ineffective management” and put the person responsible for the “ineffective management” in  charge of Obamacare? Is this a great country or what? 

Butt while we’re on it: whose brilliant idea was it to introduce private sector style bonuses -normally associated with productivity and goal achievement to government workers? Great idea. All the protections of civil service along with all the bells, whistles and perks of the private sector! Like I said, great country. 

I’m sure it seemed like a good idea at the time, butt seriously – giving people who have the power to impose their judgment on your tax liability an incentive to maximize tax collections; what could go wrong?

sarahingramsiTruth, Justice, the American Way Corruption, Intimidation, the Chicago Way

If we’re lucky nobody will focus on Ms. Ingram too much today, and turn instead to one of our cabinet level scofflaws, Kathleen Sebelius who was caught in a Chicago-style shakedown for “donations” to help fund Obamacare. It’s okay to break the law if it’s for a good cause, right?  And what’s a better cause than Big Guy’s Health and Human Services funding of O-care?

Kathleen Sebelius gangster

Butt don’t worry, BO didn’t know anything about that either. We just leave him out in the rain until all of his memories have been washed away. Disappeared, down the rabbit hole that is the Big O.

rainy day people bo_USA-SYRIA-TURKEYOkay, I can’t seem to remember anything, can I get back under the umbrella now?

Just for future reference, here’s an excerpt from an article on proper umbrella etiquette that may prove handy for Big Guy, given his unfortunate experience with umbrellas:

bo marine umbrella“Always hold an umbrella for a lady” (h/t CONSERVATIVES4PALIN)

OBAMA/Make sure your umbrella is the proper height

Buckle your seat belt Bucky, it’s going to be a rough ride.



I’ve been advised of a yet another etiquette rule: Even the Queen holds her own umbrella.

Screenshot Studio capture #1089As you see though, in this case, a Marine is holding it for the Queen.

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