Monday, June 10, 2013

The Big Snoop®

So, Edward Snowden is the “leaker” that Big Guy has vowed to prosecute. Strange, he doesn’t seem to be a “disturbed disco bunny” like Bradley Manning or a sleazy opportunist like Julian Assange. He seems more like, well, like your kid brother. Or maybe your son, if you had one.

So how is it, do you suppose, he came to love liberty so much that he’d be willing to throw away his career – and possibly much more – in order to blow the lid off the government’s Big Snoop® scheme?

Oh that’s right, he dropped out of public high school, joined the army and by-passed the great American college experience.



At least Edward has managed to pull off something that nobody else has for the past decade or so: he’s brought the far ends of both the left and right together. The libertarian wings of both ideologies agree that Mr. Snowden is a saint. Those on the other end of the spectrum are leaning towards condemning him as a traitor.

Personally, I’m suspect. 

Have you noticed the similarity between Edward and the “executive” in the new Vonage ad? The crazy bum says "Open your ears, people! Your phone company is living in the stone age!" and the young exec responds, ok, dude, I’m listening.

Screenshot Studio capture #1155

And then young exec guy gives the bum a job as Vonage’s new “Chief Generosity Officer” and he declares: “We shall no longer let time or distance keep us from connecting”

I think this may all be a publicity stunt. You know, like how Apple always manages to “leak” a prototype of their new iPhone just before introducing it to the public? Maybe Edward is actually an actor, hired to introduce the new government-for-profit center:

Introducing…the brand new, government approved app: Big Snoop®

BIG SNOOPAvailable Now! (sorry, in black only)

Get your free Big Snoop® phone today, as mandated by Obamacare. Just pay processing and handling (payment must be submitted to the IRS no later than April 15).

Who says Big Guy doesn’t believe in free market capitalism? He’s all over it.

Anyway, if we’re going to proceed with prosecuting Edward for letting the cat out of the bag before the official product launch, we may have to prosecute Maxine Waters too. She actually spilled the beans on the Big Snoop® long before anyone ever heard of Edward Snowden.

h/t Brietbart

Of course nobody paid any attention to her at the time because she always sounds crazy. How were we supposed to know she was actually a paid spokesperson?

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