Sunday, October 6, 2013

Like the Sweet 16 Only 6 Fewer and No Basketball!

Big Fur Hat posted the Top 10 Finalists:

From a list of hundreds of sites, these are the last 10 standing in our quest to find the iOTW reader’s favorite blog (besides us!)

Cage Match #1 – Barnhardt v. Instapundit  WINNER – Ann Barnhardt

Cage Match #2  -  Pamela Geller v. Weasel Zippers  WINNER – Pamela Geller

Cage Match #3 – Mark Steyn v. Michelle Malkin  WINNER – Mark Steyn

Cage Match #4 -  Blazing Cat Fur v. Sultan Knish WINNER – Blazing Cat Fur

Cage Match #5 -  American Thinker v. The Right Scoop   WINNER- American Thinker

Cage Match #6 – The People’s Cube v. Soopermexican   WINNER – The People’s Cube

Cage Match #7 – Michelle’s Mirror v. Hope n’ Change  WINNER – Michelle’s Mirror – That’s Me!!!!

Cage Match #8 – Angry White Dude v. Diogenes’ Middle Finger  WINNER – Angry White Dude

Cage Match #9 – Canada Free Press v. PJ Media  WINNER – PJ Media

Cage Match #10 – Conservative Treehouse v. Legal Insurrection  WINNER – Legal Insurrection

A haute club and and awesome competitors. My Cage Match with HopeNChange Cartoons was epic, and in the end (thanks to my epic voters) I emerged victorious by the slimmest of margins. I don’t know who my next combatant will be, butt I vow to carry Stilton and his warrior spirit into the cage with me and fight for both of us.

The fires Cage Match in the round of 10 began last night pitting the fearless Ann Barnhart against Legal Insurrection! The battle ends at 12:00 PM EST today. Good luck my friends!


I’m hitting the National Mall (if Big Guy hasn’t barrycaded it) for a little road work with my trainer and corner man, Little Mo. My next battle could begin at any time. Stand by, wish me luck, and vote early and as often as possible. See you in the Cage!!!