Tuesday, February 11, 2014

“Because Work is a Beautiful Thing” No, wait; that’s not right.

Mike Rowe has a message for America:

“It’s time to get back to what America does best. Because work is a beautiful thing.”

Now I’m confused. Is work a beautiful thing, or is following your bliss a beautiful thing? It looks like Lady M is coming down on the side of…work!? How did that happen?

First Lady Michelle Obama Announces that the Construction Industry Will Hire 100,000 Veterans Over the Next 5 Years.”

85Did somebody forget to take their wake up pills this morning?

And she’s making it sound like she thinks that’s a good thing. Boy, she has really got to get more sleep. I sure don’t see how putting our veterans back in the work force is going to help us get more young invincibles to sign up for Obamacare. Oh wait, maybe if their employers don’t offer healthcare they’ll have to sign up with us! So maybe that’s why Big Guy just granted new Obamacare waivers with the stroke of his pen. [Warning: crony capitalism at work here.]

Butt I digress, this is about Lady M’s I Red heart Military Families press conference. As always, her little people prepared stories for her to read about people she doesn’t know, has never met and couldn’t care less about:

“And Larry’s story highlights the fact that these jobs don’t just give our veterans the chance to collect a good paycheck, but to build careers for decades in the future, careers that give them the ability to support their families and climb the professional ladder.  And I believe, and my husband believes, that our men and women in uniform should be able to start pursuing these careers the minute they hang up their uniforms.” 

I’m still getting mixed signals here though - how can this be good? What about following our bliss? What if poor Larry is really just another one of us poor shmoos, trapped by the dreaded job lock?

1392065510000-AFP-526885326Note to self:remind Lady M that after the big 5-0, staying up all night fighting starts to show on the face the next morning.

Don’t tell me that Lady M didn’t get the memo! We really need to work on our administrative skills around here because we appear to be working at cross purposes here. Maybe I should talk to our PR staff, they’re pretty good at getting talking points out. And while I know it’s not Lady M’s or big Guy’s fault, this is beginning to look like a failure to communicate.

In fact, it looks like we even forgot to send our “work is a choice, not a requirement” memo to our former car company. And let me be perfectly clear: GM still owes us unquestioning loyalty and gratitude for bailing them out and then waiving $11 billion of the original $50 billion you lent them. So I think we’re going to have to pull this Cadillac ad, which – despite hawking our green electric car agenda – seems to be extolling the same work ethic that Mike Rowe is.

Again, let me be clear: Work in the Time of Obama is just un-American.

N'est-ce pas?

I think the Obamas know more about what America needs than either GM or Mike Rowe, and it sure isn’t hard work. That is so last century. What we really need now is a 21st century Soma. We’re working on it, here’s what we’ve come up with so far:


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