Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine’s Wishes From the RED Zone

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And I have some special valentine’s for you: Who Wore it Better: In (mostly) RED!

So let’s cut to the chase: Who Wore it Better (WWIB), MO or Rupaul?

Screenshot Studio capture #1740

WWIB, MO or this runway model bimbo for Elie Saab?

Screenshot Studio capture #1746

or, WWIB, MO or…Rupaul, again:

Screenshot Studio capture #1749

By the way, do you recognize the little guy with big hair posing with Rupaul?


Ding! Ding! Ding! if you said Johnny Weir, former U.S. ice skating champion:

johnny weirand current Olympic ice skating commentator for NBC: Since he arrived in Sochi he has been passive aggressively protesting Russia’s archaic intolerance of the existence of gays:

Screenshot Studio capture #1751

Unlike Iran, which “does not have that phenomenon,” Russia simply does not tolerate that phenomenon. Or any other “phenomenon” they don’t care for. So stick it to them Johnny! You’ve won my heart!


And fish on!

“Don’t get salt water on my mink!”

So remember, today’s “Who Wore it Better” meme is RED. Or Black and White and Red all over:

Screenshot Studio capture #1742Who wore the zoot suit better, MO or Ziggy?

Save your non-red “WWIB’s” for tomorrow…because it’s still Fashion Week and we are far from done!

Here’s one last valentine: Who wore RED better, DOMO:


or Lady M?



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