Saturday, February 15, 2014

Direct From Aspen: the Finals of the Michelle Obama Who Wore It Better Contest

Okay, who had Lady M and the Wee Wons arriving Aspen @ 5:16 local time? Ding! Ding! Ding! – you’re our winner! Extra credit if you had also predicted she would shut down Aspen Airport for over an hour, requiring many of the 1 percenters who fund her lifestyle to circle, unable to land. Keith has more coverage here.

You can look forward to continued MSM non-coverage of our 3-day-long-weekend here in the land of the (very, very) rich and famous. The only transparency-in-government on display you’re likely to see this weekend will be my imaging of Lady M heading down the slopes. And that’s just so I can spare you the “biscuits” shots.

mo motus aspen 2013 copyMOTUS, trans-imaging Lady M slope side: that’s quite a rack!

So, since there will be no images transmitted from here in Aspen, let’s wrap up our coverage of NY Fashion Week. This will be the last chance round so be sure to enter your favorite candidate in the official Michelle Obama “Who Wore it Better” (WWIB)  contest.

I’ve got dozens more in my hard drive, and could continue for days, butt I’ve narrowed my last round selections down to these all-time favorites:

A) WWIB, MO or Nike:

mo pink graywomens_nike_air_max_90_hyperfuse_tonal_pink_grey_white_0716031_4

or, alternatively, 

A2) WWIB MO or Black Jacks (can I say that?)

Obama APECScreenshot Studio capture #1755

More coverage of this confection-colored frock, with many additional rear views, here.

B) WWIB MO or the Black Hearts (I’m pretty sure I can’t say that):

Screenshot Studio capture #1754

C) WWIB, MO or a Barber Pole:


No silly, not Big Guy, a real barber pole – or at least barber pole candy:

barbor pole candy

Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with the candy theme either.

D) WWIB, MO or RuPaul (not in drag!):

Screenshot Studio capture #1747(I really think Lady M could have taken this one, if her pantsuit had been pink too)

And finally, a sure winner for Lady M:

E) WWIB, MO or MO?

mo stripesHonestly, some women just don’t do learnin’

Well, I’m off to get my "OMATIC snowboard waxed. It’s going to be a rough weekend. This is MOTUS, signing off from an undisclosed location on Buttermilk Mountain.


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