Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Towering Over Our Little French Friend in Tall Cotton…Candy

A progressive leftist known for his blatant cronyism, corruption and scandal hit the shores of the Potomac this week; nobody noticed.

628x471It takes a little man in a little coat to make BHO look presidential by comparison

Butt buy a new dress, throw a big party, and everybody sits up and takes notice.


If I may say so, I think it’s a lovely dress; designed by Carolina Herrera and fashioned from luxurious fabric in black and liberty blue.

Although I’ll grant you, it does show better “standing” than “mooving.”


Still, do you see what proper fit and sleeves can do for a woman? Compare:

one armed no

So let’s have no more complaining; as usual, it could have been much worse.

Unfortunately, since François’ most recent peccadillo - involving another woman – resulted in the breakup of his 7 year affair with another “another” woman, for whom he left the mother of his children.

hollendes three women valerie solande and newest squeeze in back rowOn the occasion of his election, Hollande is congratulated by his then current lover, Ms. Trierweiler while sitting next to his former lover (and mother of his children) Segolene Royal, and current lover Julie Gayet (far right, back row) 

As we’ve discussed before, Hollande is proof that Henry Kissinger was right about power being the ultimate aphrodisiac: women sexually attracted to powerful men by the vicarious power-surge associated with riding the proverbial coat tails.

Hollande-Obama%202081392169211And in Hollande’s case, some very short coat tails

_h0_w628_m6_otrue_lfalse.jpghollande and obama

Now, on to the intimate dinner for 350 we threw for our little French friend: under the bigtop on the south lawn. Naturally pictures were banned butt I snagged this contraband for you. That’s “Big Guy” way up in front. Worth a short trolley ride to attend, no?

Obama_US_France tent dinner-09f50

The big top was all done up in mauves and blues, reminiscent of Monet’s Water Lily's paintings (he was French, you know!).


Lady M sat between François and Stephen Colbert – what a hoot! Mary Jane Blige sang her little heart out butt, sadly, no dancing. Since the French President arrived stag, the protocol chief decided dancing would be too awkward. As if that’s ever stopped us in the past.


Screenshot Studio capture #1738


The menu was elegant as usual, starting with cocktails (on the “short trolley ride”) and smoked Maine salmon, and moving on to a first course with American Osetra Caviar (from fished raised in tributaries to the Big Muddy!), a "Winter Garden Salad," billed as a homage to Lady M’s Kitchen Garden. As you might imagine, in the middle of this Arctic Vortex our winter garden crops are not terribly prolific right now. In fact, there were barely enough weeds to go around, so we tried to magnify their effect (like unemployment payments) by serving them in a goldfish bowl.


salad in a gold fish bowljpg“Garden” salad in a “terrarium:” clever!

Naturally there was “Dry-aged Rib Eye Beef”, from a family farm in Greeley, Colorado, served with a “Jasper Hill Farm Blue Cheese Chip” and accompanied with “Charred Shallots, Oyster, Mushrooms, and Braised Chard.” And for dessert: “Hawaiian Chocolate-Malted Ganache and a bon bon plate with house made cotton candy.”

DSC_3830Wait a minute: “cotton” candy, and chocolate bon bons? Isn’t that a little…racist?

And not that anyone cares, butt if past experience is at all indicative of future performance, this little affaire de France cost us a cool half a million dollars. And not even any dancing!

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