Sunday, March 30, 2014

MOTUS Twilight Nocturne Lounge #3



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Come on in, MOTUS’ Twilight Nocturne Lounge is open. Little Mo is on bartender duty again this evening because, well, a good bartender is hard to find, and he does it for free. Sit anywhere you’d like and wave at Little Mo when you’re ready. He knows what you want.


Tonight’s theme is inspired by the enterprising efforts of anti-gun organizer, California state Senator, Leland Lee and his COO, Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow,

Yee-Shrimp Boy copySorry, Leland & Shrimp Boy are unable to join us in person this evening.

So leave all your problems at the doorstep, delete from your hard drive the story about the California elected  pro-gun control Democrat who teamed up with a violent gang to illegally import automatic military style rifles and shoulder mounted Stinger missiles. It’s nothing that the ATF can’t handle. In fact, gun stings are one of their specialties.

Which brings me to tonight’s featured cocktail…wait for it…The Stinger!




1 oz cognac/fine brandy
1 oz white (I know, racist) crème de menthe
Put all ingredients in mixing glass. Shake briskly. Select brandy snifter or coupe, your choice. Pour into glass.

You don’t hear much about the Stinger these days – or at least you didn’t until last week – butt in it’s day (Prohibition) it was a favorite of the limousine set. Even they couldn’t get their hands on decent tasting hooch, so the peppermint schnapps was added to whatever passed for brandy in order to kill the taste and smell. As they say, we’ve come a long way baby: 

Lady M prefers her Stingers made with Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 (reasonably priced at $22,000/bottle, and you get to keep the Baccarat crystal decanter!)

louis 13th

while Big Guy, channeling Leon Phelps, prefers Courvoisier.


Since I’m not drinking on the taxpayer’s dime – and because you’re going to be throwing some crème de menthe in anyway, I use any decent V.S.O.P. Oh what the heck, who am I kidding? Christian Brothers will do just fine (can I use that what with separation of church & state?)

Our special musical guest this evening is Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, better known as Sting. He will be performing “The Shape of My Heart,” a song about, well, he’ll explain in his own words:

"I wanted to write about a card player, a gambler who gambles not to win but to try and figure out something; to figure out some kind of mystical logic in luck, or chance; some kind of scientific, almost religious law. So this guy's a philosopher, he's not playing for respect and he's not playing for money, he's just trying to figure out the law - there has to be some logic to it. He's a poker player so it's not easy for him to express his emotions, in fact he doesn't express anything, he has a mask, and it's just one mask and it never changes."

I’m still not completely clear on what that means, he writes songs better than he does prose. Enjoy:


So ease on in, relax with the boys, smoke ‘em if you got ‘em and let the weight of the past week melt away. You’re welcome to play cards if you wish, but remember, this is an exhibition not a competition: no wagering please.

Oh, and don’t pay any attention to the guys at the end of the bar. They’re just grabbing a quick one while the shop next door is tightening up the chains on their bikes and then they’ll be on their way.

sons bar copy


For those of you who pre-ordered, Little Mo has your beverage ready to go: a fine house Cabernet for Bettyann

14 hands

A tall Bloody Mary for Srdem, with celery


and a short Bloody Mary for Abenaki, minus the condiments and ice.


Oh and here’s Silverlady’s – I had a hard time locating the Clamato juice: