Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Do You Spell Success?

Wow! Apparently this wasn’t a warning, butt a threat:

Screenshot Studio capture #1859

And it proved to be very effective, leading to a last minute surge in signups for Obamacare. So, can we now label the campaign successful? That depends on how you spell success. 

For Joey B, success is spelled by snagging a Clinque Skincare sponsorship

And the glowing, radiant skin is just a bonus!

Lady M spells success as government subsidized veterinarian care to neuter any strays that might wander into your life:

mo little bo and sunnyO/T, butt – sleeveless? With over the knee suede boots?


The Resident Really Big Brains (RRBB) spell success as blowing up the entire American Healthcare System in order to get 7 million Americans signed up for insurance under Obamacare by the March 31 deadline! Of course 6 of those 7 million already had a private healthcare policy they liked butt couldn’t keep.

hume on obamacare

The RRBB also gave themselves extra credit points toward “success” for expanding Medicaid to include an additional 9 million people (just pay extra processing and handling). Although we also don’t know how many of those enrollees previously had a policy that they liked, could afford, butt couldn’t keep.


Nor do we know how many of the Medicaid enrollees have been counted twice. And then there’s the matter of the 1-2 million people who’ve “enrolled” butt are part of the “10-20%” who, oh by-the-way, haven’t paid for their policies yet.

131025_Brobamacare_jpg_CROP_promo-medium2Yo! I’ll pay you after I settle my bar bill, dude.

So the real answer is we don’t actually know what “success” looks like yet, butt we’ll know it when we see it.

we won chinese version155765365MD00183_President_

So, how do you spell success? Go ahead, give it your best shot.


After all it’s April Fool’s Day.

Dyslexic in OhioBO and the Ohio State Dyslexic Club attempt to spell O-H-I-O


Can we really trust a man who can’t spell  either “Ohio” or “Respect” to spell “Success” when it comes to your healthcare?

obamacare dr

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