Thursday, April 3, 2014

Obamacare and the Magic Beanie; an allegory as told by Calvin and Hobbes

Yesterday we got the first inkling that Calvin’s initial brush with the reality of Obamacare was less than amazing. Today I bring you…THE REST OF THE STORY. 

It all began when Calvin was sucked in by the promise of a free Obamacare beanie: a propeller driven model that would make him fly. All he had to do was eat his peas:

sugar bombs propeller beanie.3gif

Of course, since Calvin wanted the Obamacare beanie very badly, he needed everyone else to pitch in as well; you know - everyone needs to get a fair shot at giving their fair share:

sugar bombs propeller beanie2

Butt Calvin never once stopped dreaming about how wonderful it would be once he got his very own Obamacare beanie. He’d be able to fly!

calvin imagines his flying beanie

After waiting for weeks, Calvin’s Obamacare beanie was finally delivered. Only…well, it wasn’t quite operational upon arrival:

Obamacare it's finally here

Calvin rejected his friend Hobbes’ offer to help because Hobbes is a card carrying member of the Tea Party and everybody knows how dumb they are. Unfortunately Calvin ended up botching it up.

broken propeller beanie

After realizing that the central mechanism of his new Obamacare beanie was broken and his dream of flight was thwarted he reacted like any normal 6 year old would: he blamed Hobbes – that Teahadist.

broken propeller2

When Calvin realized what a shambles his Obamacare beanie was in, he was forced to call in a consultant:

dad fixes the beanie propeller

Calvin was ecstatic! That is, until he took his Obamacare beanie out for a test drive and discovered it had certain shortcomings; it seems it’s utility had been a bit…uh, oversold.

beanie propeller fail

And slowly, definitively, the dreadful truth began to sink in: the Obamacare beanie doesn’t fly. It was never intended to fly. It’s never going to fly. It might have been sold as a magic flying beanie, butt in reality it’s just another alternative energy scam.

the propeller beanie as a metaphor for obamacare

Butt hey - we’ve still got all the great packaging our Obamacare beanie came wrapped in. Boy! It will be some fun trying to find our way through the maze of that swell new bureaucracy!



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