Friday, April 4, 2014

If it’s time to plant the garden it must be Spring, right?

Another day, another opportunity for political propaganda. Today it’s all about the bees.


whitehouse bees2White House Bees to be precise

Washington, DC -  A new pollinator garden, a new pawpaw tree, and oat seeds for her South Lawn plot:  First Lady Michelle Obama had a series of  historic firsts and sunny weather on Wednesday afternoon as she welcomed an excited crowd of local school children and members of FoodCorps to the sixth annual Spring planting of her White House Kitchen Garden.


Clad in black jeans, a grey t-shirt, a billowy steel-grey anorak and black leather tennis shoes,


Mrs. Obama was ebullient as she arrived shortly after 3:00 PM and welcomed her guests: 

first-lady-garden- Friendship Public Charter School

Cue the “ebullience:”

White House Kitchen Garden
3:37 P.M. EDT

     MRS. OBAMA:  Hey, people!  Little people and big people.  How are you guys?  This is the sixth annual planting of the White House kitchen garden -- six times we’ve done this over six years.  Pretty amazing, huh?
     STUDENTS:  Yes.
MRS. OBAMA:  So guess what we’re doing differently this year?  We are going to plant something called a pollinator garden.  Did you hear about this?
MRS. OBAMA:  So just for the folks at home who have not heard about a pollinator, but a pollinator garden helps to encourage the production of bees and monarch butterflies.  And why do we need to do that?  You guys -- just yell it out.
STUDENT:  Because they pollinate the plants.

And cue the propaganda:

MRS. OBAMA:  They pollinate the plants, they help the plants grow.  But why do we need to help bees and butterflies -- what’s happening to them?  Yell it out.  They’re dying because of disease -- we don’t even know why some beehives are just totally disappearing.  But that could be a problem for the planet because if you don’t have insects and great pollinators to pollinate the plants, it could affect our food source, it could affect our ability to continue to grow things.  And that would be a problem.

That’s right. All the bees are dying because of our big fat carbon footprints, GMA plants and pesticides. All things the Republicans and Big Food are in favor of. So let’s all be good little bees and take this message of impending doom home to mommy and daddy or your 2 mommies or 2 daddies. So they will buy an electric vehicle, or ride mass transit. And start boycotting Big Food.

And why else are bees important? That’s right! Because they make honey; and we need honey to make Big Guy’s favorite beverage! No not mead, butt that’s a very good answer.


Butt I’m talking about our homemade Big White Honey Ale.

whitehouse honey ale

bo's homemade honey bee beerI don’t always drink Honey Ale, butt when I do, I want my name on it.

So, everybody, back to work now. We’ve got beer to make.

white house BeesExcuse me, does that box say “fine Swiss foods?”  What’s up with that?

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