Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Warrior’s Homecoming: What Not to Wear

I’m running a little poll today, just because I’m curious.

Which reception for the returning Taliban warrior John Walker Lindh  Nicholas Brody Bowe Bergdahl do you think would be most appropriate: a White House Medal of Honor ceremony, or a military court martial?

And if you go with the Medal of Honor, what do you think Lady M should wear? Black, white, or red white and blue with green Cinderella pumps. If none of the above, kindly enter your own selection in the comments.

Screenshot Studio capture #2069

As always, Chicago Rules apply: vote early, often, and feel free to cast votes for all of your dead friends.




UPDATE: Coming soon to a war theatre near you.

MAD-Magazine-Trading-Private-Bergdahl_538e1730c295a6_07331124h/t MAD Magazine

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