Friday, June 6, 2014

I’ll trade you 5 Gitmo terrorists for one Costco Key Lime Pie

Enough of foreign affairs for one week, here’s some important news: it’s Key lime season again and that means…the giant Key lime pies are finally back in the coolers at Costco.


They are monstrously good, if you like a little tart with your sweet – and who doesn’t? Winking smileWinking smile

Additionally, it's actually good for you; packed with tons of vitamin C that can prevent scurvy, a disease that has recently reemerged, especially around Washington D.C..

keylime3 The vitamin C is harvested by scraping off the lime’s incredibly thin skin and then reaming the heck out those little berries orbs.

I don’t know if the pie provides any protection from another old ailment that has also raised it’s ugly head again: beriberi (alternate spelling, “barrybarry”) which is caused by a B (boy) vitamin deficiency.

article-2648339-1E7641EA00000578-678_634x454Beriberi is a disease caused by a lack of Vitamin B1 (thiamin).The thiamin-deficiency disorder is characterized by muscle weakness.”

Butt I say why take any chances when you can score a whole pie for $11.99 that will easily serve 20 people.

key lime Or 2, if they’re really, really hungry.

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