Thursday, June 5, 2014

Riddle Me This



That’s right, after that he-man work out at the gym yesterday,

What the heck, it’s worth watching again.

BHO’s all pumped and feels like playing a little “Mr. Mysteriouso” mind game with you. So he’s authorized me to present this riddle on his behalf:

Q. What do the five recently released Taliban leaders have in common with the leader of the free world?

Don’t be hasty, all of the most obvious answers are wrong - well, probably not technically wrong, just not what we’re looking for in this riddle. Ready?

A. Now, just like Obama, if pesky laws prevent them from doing what they want, they can still get it done with their pens and phones.

taliban cell service3jpgHey, Mustafa, it’s Abdul; let Abdullah and Fazul know that it’s time for Death to America, OK?

taliban cell serviceI’m all over it boss.

Meanwhile the Riddler himself trains future terrorists in the fine art of Constitutional transformation.

366265-barack-obama-hamid-karzai-strategic-partnership“See Hamid, no matter what it says, it’s easy to change if you’ve got one of these Obama pens.”

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