Monday, June 2, 2014

We Are On Correct Path Comrades, June 2014 edition

Today’s reflection:


This week in Caracas, Venezuela, citizens already accustomed to shortages and rationing of basic commodities such as flour, milk, vegetable oil, and toilet paper, formed long lines to buy drinking water as well. This was entirely unexpected, as the government has been doing everything possible to help:

Regulated prices for bottled water have not been raised since November 2011. Since then, consumer prices have risen 110 percent, according to central bank data…“Production costs have risen with labor and transport,” Anber said. “The cost of producing and distributing bottled water has more than doubled in the past two and a half years.”

And thus, another socialist utopia reaches it’s zenith.

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As Breitbart commenter constantine2007 noted:

“A Spanish speaking population with a bloated bureaucracy, a struggling economy, massive debt and a left wing government. Now they are out of water. Good grief. It's California!”

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