Monday, January 26, 2015

GloZell, Agent Provocateur, Punks the Punk-In-Chief

I know there has been much discussion here and elsewhere regarding Big Guy demeaning the office of the Presidency by agreeing to an interview with green-lipped GloZell Green. Butt just because she eats Fruit Loops out of a bathtub, don’t be so hasty in your judgment. Did I not tell you that GloZell is a national treasure?  I suspect several of you did not believe me.


Allow me to present my case, which will require you to review an actual clip from her interview with Big Guy, butt do it with this in mind:  GloZell, the crazy YouTube vlogger who will do practically anything, may have actually gone rogue on the Prezzy. And I’m not the only one who thinks so; NewsBusters also speculates that GloZell might have punked the Punk-in-Chief too.

As you watch, note at the beginning where she tells Big Guy that she has 3 family members in law enforcement, and her husband is a retired Air Force veteran. Hmmm, that should be considered fair warning. Next she tells him that she’s cut all the hoods off her husband’s hoodies so he won’t get shot by the “Po-Pos” and then asks BO what can we do about this black guy/white cop situation:


Not  knowing exactly  how to play her game Big Guy goes all serious and drones on endlessly, at one point  offering this insightful advice as to what white police officers should ask themselves before pulling someone over:

“Am I stopping this person because I should be stopping them, or is there some bias at work?”

Hee. Maybe we should draw up a flowchart for cops to consult before they stop someone for running a stop sign: “Is the perp white? Yes? Okay to stop. Are they Black? Check your white privilege.”

I think the point goes to GloZell in that round.

Perhaps Big Guy’s little people should have actually screened the content of some of GloZell’s greatest YouTube hits before booking her. Here, for example, she lampoons people for idolizing Oprah and Obama just “becuz they black…they black, they black!”

They should have done a little homework instead of just assuming that because “she black - she black, she black, she black!” she’s on his team. That sort of presumption strikes me as a bit racist.

And then there’s this video, featured here a long time ago: “Thanks for paying for my ObamaCare…shouldn’t you be at work?”

And then she takes her interview up a canal that few in the MSM would dare dip their oar; she asks BO about…Cuba. After pointing out that she was raised in Florida and has many friends whose families escaped from Castro – who, she reminded him, put the “dick” in dictator – asks essentially “what were you thinking?” 

Although she’s better known for her “My push-up bra will help me get my man,” “Ghetto Hunger Games” and ”Cinnamon Challenge” videos, GloZell makes a pretty good provocateur. And she may have just conducted the first undetected drone attack inside the White House – all while getting BO to discuss cyber security with her!

So let’s hear it for GloZell: she’s not your ordinary video fool, she just plays one on the internet.

bo's cubanoHow’s that Cubano smell, punk?

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