Sunday, January 25, 2015

The MSM, Athletic Supporters That They Are, Will Sniff Out the Truth

I will be brief, as this could turn out to be a bum wrap.


We don’t know now, and may never know, what transpired in “Deflategate.” Notwithstanding, the nation - and by “nation” I mean the main stream media (MSM) - has now officially spent more time examining a scandal surrounding the inaccurate inflation of NFL footballs than we have spent on all of the following phony national scandals collectively:

  • Fast and Furious-gate
  • Benghazi-gate
  • NSA-gate
  • ObamaCare-gate I
  • ObamaCare-gate II
  • VA-gate
  • IRS-gate

Apparently integrity still matters in athletics. We know that honor and veracity have no role in politics. And we understand that they have been demoted to “optional” in most other realms of modern society as well – butt sports!?   Athletics was supposed to be the last bastion of honesty, the final barricade between civilization and total moral relativism. And now even they’ve let us down. This breach of trust cannot go unpunished.

Awareness of this injustice must be raised. Why?  Because “Athletic Lies Matter.”

athletic lies matter copy

And don’t worry, we  WILL get to the bottom of this because you will not find a bigger batch of athletic supporters anywhere on the planet than the MSM.


So just as every major news network led their coverage with Deflategate last week, expect them to continue to dog this story until they’ve sniffed out the truth.

We would expect nothing less from them.

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