Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hello Everybody; This is Raj…

Hello MOLs, MODs, MYLs, MYDs, FOMs and MOTI; it is me Raj. Back at my keyboard.


I want to thank everyone, from the motherboard of my cardiac circulatory device, for your kind, thoughtful and very encouraging wishes and prayers throughout my recent difficulty. I am not wired for expressions of emotion and consequently (or ipso fatso as MOTUS would say) my words are not adequate to convey how deeply felt and helpful they were as MOTUS and I worked through my injury, treatment and now, hopefully, ongoing recovery.

raj sick bed copy

I can report that I believe the surgery was a resounding success. The nerve pain was almost entirely gone when I awoke from the procedure. In the 4 weeks since, I have seen some improvement almost every day. The nerve pain is gone and the numbness is fading with only my thumb toe and shin remaining partially affected. MOTUS is taking me to see my surgeon Monday morning. We expect he will refer me to physical therapy to regain strength – of which I have none in my right leg right now. Hopefully the treatment will be aggressive enough to enable me to compete in my team’s cricket championships come January. Also, I expect he will green light my return to providing prompt, reliable tech support to you and MOTUS on her world famous, snarky blog.

raj searchlight copy

P.S. This is MOTUS, just adding my thanks to one and all as well. And to say that Raj is, as usual, being overly optimistic - which is great. Butt it may explain, in small part, my compensating propensity to think and expect the worse. Just my small, fruitless attempt to maintain the equilibrium of the universe.