Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Let’s Hear It For Team-Boehner! Raw! Raw! Raw!

Sure smells like school spirit:


High School Madness:  Firesign Theatre


Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) files a motion to oust House Speaker John Boehner:


Mr. Meadows, North Carolina Republican, filed a motion to “vacate the chair,” which could force a no-confidence vote by the full chamber and result in the removal of Mr. Boehner as speaker.

In the resolution, Mr. Meadows says Mr. Boehner, Ohio Republican, “has endeavored to consolidate power and centralize decision-making, bypassing the majority of the 435 Members of Congress and the people they represent.”

He also says the speaker has limited debate, pushed legislation to the brink to compel votes in a state of crisis and moved to “punish Members who vote according to their conscience” instead of how he wants.

I don’t get it; with qualifications like that, shouldn’t Boehner be running for president (el presidente, if English is not your first language)?

bo dictator2

So let’s hear it for Team-Boehner! I can’t hear you! “That’s right…rah, rah rah!”

Absolutely; Eat it! Eat it raw!

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