Monday, July 27, 2015

The MOTUS 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination Race Brackets

Big Guy filled out his brackets ages ago, have you? It’s time to get started on the  GOP Presidential Nomination brackets since we have only a year before the Republican Convention, and we now have a “Sweet 16” grouping. I know FOX is only dealing with 10 candidates, butt what do you prefer – a  “Zen 10” or a “Sweet 16”? That’s what I thought.

Here’s the way it works: I generated my bracket matchups by starting with the results of the ABC/WaPo poll conducted July 16-19 which I  then modified by using Chicago Rules – or as the lawyers put it “my will, whim and fancy.” Just like the powers the Supreme Court has apparently bestowed on El Presidente.

So I’ll be  will be running bracket polls to see where you think this race is headed.

Today I’m running two Round-One matchups, A and C: feel free to vote as early and as often as you wish. No ID required, citizenship recommended, butt not required. Voting ends at 11:59 PM EDT, July 27. Results will be posted tomorrow.

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