Thursday, December 17, 2015

Real Estate 101

FLOTUS, POTUS, the Wee Wons and the usual entourage depart today for their well deserved 17 day vacation in Hawaii.
Butt before you start complaining let me point out that Big Guy has ordered a detour en route in order to demonstrate appropriate empathy and compassion for the San Bernardino workplace survivors of gun violence.
First draft of his remarks blame the attack on a video that somebody made for the culturally insensitive Christmas party that was being held by the department.
And if you don’t think this drive-by is a major sacrifice let me assure you, it is; it means Barry will miss his first scheduled round of golf on the island. Bummer, dude.

Also, while not yet confirmed, there are rumors that Barry will deliver an “important” speech on global climate change in Waikiki warning residents that their island will be under water in 10 years unless we impose a carbon tax on all Americans.
I don’t think I’ll be accompanying the First Family to the island this year. Because we go native – dress-wise – in Hawaii so I don’t think Lady M will be needing my services.

Eeuuuu! What is this? Fruit?

Then again, the situation is fluid so I won't be drawing a red line in the sand.

Because there's nothing like a beach reflection

And after 8 years of the same old boring vacation I heard that Barry is interested in visiting another exotic island: Cuba.
What a great idea! Maybe the next POTUS can give him some investment pointers on how to take a small amount of the money he’s been able to set aside while living on the public dime and invest it in some nice Cuban properties.

The Donald's recommended Winter Holiday reading for Barry

After all, thanks to BHO, Cuba is going to be a great emerging market and the demand for clubs, casinos and golf courses will be yooge!

"Your picture here" - Wynning!

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