Friday, December 18, 2015

The Circle Is Unbroken

Well I see I had my days mixed up; the Wons aren’t blowing out of town till today. I guess Barry wanted to hang around to celebrate his complete co-opting of the Republican party.


1. The process by which a group subsumes or assimilates a smaller or weaker group with related interests; or, similarly, the process by which one group gains converts from another group by attempting to replicate the aspects that they find appealing without adopting the full program or ideal. 2.The capacity of intracellular parasites to use host-cell proteins to complete their vital cycle. Viruses use this mechanism, as their genome is small.

In the case of the Republican Omnibus bill (oh yeah, you guys so own it now) I believe the second definition is the most accurate.

And with that observation I leave you to finish up your Christmas shopping. How about a nice 1000 piece set of these social justice placemats for those hard-to-buy-for intransigent conservatives on your list?

social justice_thumb[24]

There’s a blowout sale going on at Amazon now that Harvard has been forced to retract their unmitigated enthusiasm for spreading the gospel on Christmas.

College administrators distributed a “Holiday Placemat for Social Justice” instructing students on how to answer questions they might face from family and friends. The handout presents poorly written, straw man questions followed by seemingly official and definitive “responses” on topics as varied as the Syrian refugee question, the Black Lives Matter movement, the misguided decision to change the House master title, and the ongoing, overheated activism at Yale University.

What’s most telling about the limited edition Harvard Winter Holiday Social Justice placemat® is the assumption that every student on campus shares the Administration’s suicidal belief system.

social justice_thumb[32]

Rhetorical question:“Do you think the response would be the same if it was a white person being pulled over?”

Rhetorical answer:No, Cops only shoot unarmed black 12 year olds running around with pellet guns.

social justice_thumb[26]

Remember the wars in Central America? Of course you don’t, you weren’t born yet. So trust your SJW professors on this: the Nicaraguan refugees were just like the Islamo-fascists who want to kill you and end your way of life.

So thanks, Harvard, for demonstrating just how narrow minded and bigoted The Donald’s supporters are.

Trigger warning: Social Justice Warriors ahead: and many of them are Republicans.

we_are_all_socialists_now newsweek_thumb[5]

And thank you, Congressional Republicans, for closing that circle. It’s always best to know where we stand.



1.Good insider baseball news for Windows Live Writer bloggers everywhere: it’s back! Sort of. Microsoft quit supporting the LW platform 3 years ago and it was simply a matter of time before it became unusable. That occured about a week or so ago. Concurrently a group of Microsoft engineers rode to the rescue with the release of an open-source version called, appropriately enough, Open Live Writer. Unfortunately they still had a few too many bugs in it and it too was unusable – until today. They’ve fixed the worst of the bugs and their new platform is now available and working. It’s downloadable for free.

So yay! Posting has become simpler again. If you or anyone you know is a Live Writer junkie, pass it on so they too can thank the Microsoft volunteers for repairing our favorite blogging tool ever. Good work boys (and girls; I don’t want to be guilty of a micro-aggression).

2. Cuba, our Russian visitor of the cyrilic alphabet links from yesterday who I banned incorrectly has been reinstated without prejudice as of this morning. Steven however remains in solitary confinement in the first ring of blogging hell.

3. Christmas/Hannukah/New Year recipes wiil be welcome any time they strike your fancy for the duration of the holidays. Tuesday and Wednesday will be set aside for all-day recipes and remembrances, so plan ahead!

That is all.